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Vybe Network is a data infrastructure solution that enables the Solana community to query, index, and exchange on-chain data to build web 3.0 dApps and analytics. We’re providing tooling that allows users to easily stream and query both real-time and historical data from a distributed network of indexers. Our ultimate goal is to decentralize data access and storage so anyone can participate in our network to monetize and share their data, power their innovative dApps, and gain insights into their favorite Solana protocols. The catalog is a directory of Solana protocols. Every page will feature general information about the dApp along with important links to their socials and project documentation. For protocols that are accessible via our API, the catalog will also show available “Vybe Channels”, which are the direct interfaces into protocol’s program data and enables users to query live on-chain data using our GraphQL explorer. In future releases, anyone will be able to participate in the network as an indexer and provide historical data for any program in the catalog. Our MVP will include indexes for Project Serum but will be continually adding more protocols and datasets over time, stay tuned!

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