Warp Protocol, Limitless on-chain automation.

Warp Protocol

Limitless on-chain automation.


Warp Protocol Introduction

Warp Protocol is Terra's decentralized and generalizable event handler. Sign future transactions. Program serverless bots. Enable automated features in your dApp. Warp is an open-source, decentralized event handler for the Terra ecosystem, allowing users to place arbitrary messages in a queue to be executed whenever a specific set of conditions is met. These messages are called jobs, and they can be anything from basic send transactions to complicated multi-step arbitrage transactions. Users can specify a set of circumstances called conditions under which a job can be executed. Conditions can be simple, such as a blockheight, or complex, combing multiple expressions into a composite web of specificity. Included with a job message is a reward for execution. Once a condition is met, anyone can execute the job and claim their reward. Using a decentralized system of smart-contract-controlled parameters and reward-incentivized keepers, Warp unlocks the future of blockchain automation.