A home for physical resources on the blockchain.


Watr Introduction

Watr is a home for physical resources on the blockchain, with verified trust, transparency and sustainability; a first self governing, open Web3 protocol with verified identities where regulated institutions, industry and retail buyers can buy, sell and trade. It is a Layer 1 blockchain ecosystem for decentralized apps and digital ventures servicing transparency, liquidity, and sustainability in resources and commodities, such as metals, energy, food and environmental products. Watr Foundation is a Swiss-registered Foundation aimed to organize, motivate and sponsor the design, development, maintenance, and promotion of the Watr Protocol. Its purpose is to underpin the economy's transition to digitized, transparent and sustainable supply chains, and to encourage and sponsor development of new business models and dapps on this protocol. Hence, it serves as an ecosystem foundation and focalization point for the Watr ecosystem and community.

Watr Investors