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Wemade Tree has a clear vision as to how blockchain should be integrated with games. Our game service will continue to thrive, transcending the existing crypto games' limitations. A successful blockchain game service takes more than solely relying on simple smart contracts and building a low-TPS blockchain network. Our team will continue to introduce various existing and new games that can attract loyal users by adding blockchain features to them. Our project intends to do more than simply mediate the transactions of in-game assets. A true blockchain game should incorporate two key elements of gaming to succeed: continuous engagement and rewards. Our users will realize the true benefits of blockchain firsthand as they experience blockchain applied to in-game content every day. Applying blockchain to consistently entertaining games will undoubtedly give rise to low TPS and heavy transactions fee issues. Processing transactions of individual games on our private blockchain networks tackles such issues. The private blockchain networks connected to the main net are indefinitely scalable to serve new games and users and promise limitless possibilities. Our team has made numerous technological strides for seamless integration of various games and blockchain: an advanced electronic wallet, a transaction processing technology for multi-chain structure, a middleware for easy game development and blockchain integration, a node structure enabling high efficiency and stronger security, and many more to come. We aim to provide solutions, including an advertisement network, tools for administration and data analysis, and security modules, designed to nurture a synergistic ecosystem of various different games. We will help games to generate new values by embracing blockchain, ultimately benefitting more gamers.

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