Zillow for the Metaverse.


WeMeta Introduction

WeMeta, Zillow for the Metaverse. It is the premier platform for NFT real estate. It is Your Metaverse marketplace, the premier platform for digital real estate. Buy, sell, and manage your NFT land. WeMeta was born in early 2021 out of a need to make the Metaverse more accessible, more useful, and more exciting for users all across the world. WeMeta is the go-to platform for all things Metaverse. From Community Leaderboards, to Activity Feeds, to buying, selling, and trading digital land - our robust data insights and accessible UI makes it easier than ever to interface with the Metaverse. Our aim is to build a rich portfolio of Metaverse feature offerings, of which the marketplace is but one. WeMeta is a NA distributed team built on a core network of startup & cryptocurrency veterans with a global community. We work hard, but our remote-first team affords a high degree of autonomy and flexibility. We’re mission-oriented, and hold one another accountable with results rather than vanity metrics like time spent at your desk. We value diversity and bringing your whole self to work, including your weird hobbies, unique life experiences, cultural traditions, obscure music tastes, and whatever else makes you you.

WeMeta Team

Winston Robson