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WingSwap is a dedicated decentralized exchange (DEX) that is set to take the DeFi niche of the blockchain industry to the next level. As it is known that the advent of blockchain technology has changed the conventional method of operation across several industries and it gives rise to what is now called decentralized finance or DeFi. DeFi refers to the control of traditional financial services like asset exchange, swapping, staking, lending/borrowing, trading, etc. on the blockchain via different protocols. As a result of this, the WingSwap team came together to launch a decentralized exchange that will change the status quo of the DeFi industry by integrating multiple features. The likes of which have not been seen in the industry. To ensure that our solution is unique and that the potency of use case is widely felt, we decided to use Fantom Ecosystem — a novel blockchain infrastructure with proven efficiency which is different from the conventional ones that are widely used by the several competitors in the industry.

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