DApp based on the unique TRC20.

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WINk Introduction

DApp based on the unique TRC20 WIN token proving to the world that wealth redistribution is possible through the TRON blockchain.

The WINk platform will be redesigned to include advertising options using a Cost per Milli or per banner/time basis. Advertisers will have the opportunity to tap into the greatest platform across all blockchains with over 40,000 weekly users and expanding. All revenue from advertising will be shown transparently to all users and redistributed to all WIN hodlers.

By creating whole mining ecosystem, WINk will revolutionize the way that developers adopt the blockchain ecosystem while keeping wealth redistribution at its core. WIN will continue to be the centrepiece of the platform while developers will be able to utilize everything the WINk ecosystem has to offer. By taking behavioural mining to the next level, traditional apps will now have all the resources at their disposal to convert their apps to the TRON blockchain.

The games provided by WINk are based on blockchain, fair, and transparency. When you start playing these games, please take note that online gambling and lottery is an entertainment vehicle and that it carries with it a certain degree of financial risk. Players should be aware of these risks and govern themselves accordingly.

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