World Mobile, Own a part of our network and share the rewards.

World Mobile

Own a part of our network and share the rewards.

World Mobile Introduction

At World Mobile we want to live in a world where everyone can participate in economic empowerment without the restraints of location or origin. We want consumers to be able to make intelligent, well informed purchases. And we want businesses to thrive in the global market. Moreover, we want to connect those with less purchasing power to the greater globe by partnering with schemes to offer free telephony to otherwise isolated areas. Our mission: to create an innovative and high impact mobile network with a tangible socio-economic effect. Our objective is to improve quality of service for the user, not to increase the Average Profit Per User, creating value for our customers, not from them. Using blockchain technology at the core of our network, we put protection, security and the sovereignty of our subscriber’s data at the very heart of what we do. And by allowing subscribers to own and operate elements of our infrastructure we’re building distributed, censorship resistant, trustless and borderless communications channels that will emancipate people around the world.