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Worldwide Webb is an interoperable pixel metaverse built on Ethereum, where players can own Land, equip their NFTs & more. It is an MMORPG metaverse game that uses NFTs for in-game avatars, pets, lands, items and even quests. It is heavily inspired by "Ready Player One". Our vision is to create a template for metaverses with the core values to keep the space open to all, and to incorporate other NFT projects into the world, giving them tools to build and create their own communities inside our world. Whilst there are many 3D projects, we feel that there needs to be a 2D verse too! We aim to push the limits and innovate on this frontier. The end game of the Webb will be a fully interoperable Metaverse game with a flourishing play-to-earn & create-to-earn economy for players, creators, and collectors alike.

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