Bring you the fastest, most cost-effective international money transfers.

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wyre Introduction

Wyre leverages cutting-edge technology to bring you the fastest, most cost-effective international money transfers.

The On/Off ramps for your users. Getting the coverage, banking relationships, and payment partners can be a huge drain on developers time. Don’t distract your vision or hold back the product getting into the hands of users. We’ve spent a lot of time and effort building out our infrastructure and excited to offer it so others don’t have to repeat the process.

Institutional scale liquidity. Wyre aggregates liquidity from leading exchanges, reputable OTC desks that we believe possess a balance between integrity, counterparty confidence, and diverse liquidity based on community needs. This is brought into our API to enable instant conversion of large volumes between currencies with minimal movement from the market price. Leverage Wyre, focus on building your dapp, not on aggregating liquidity or order execution.

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