XRAY, Solana Explorer.


Solana Explorer.


XRAY Introduction

XRAY Solana Explorer makes Solana the most human-readable blockchain. Open-source and community focused, re-imagining how on-chain data is presented. Blockchain Viewer is a powerful tool that makes browsing and understanding blockchain data easy and accessible to everyone. With it, users can easily view the entire blockchain, see a list of transactions and blocks, and analyze the data quickly and conveniently. The app also provides detailed charts and visualizations of the blockchain, helping users quickly and intuitively understand the data. The goal of the blockchain explorer is to make the data contained in the blockchain simple and straightforward to view and understand. Specifically, it will provide an easy-to-use graphical interface that enables users to view data from the chain, such as transaction details, time stamps, block heights, etc.

XRAY Investors