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yEarn Introduction

yEarn is a liquidity aggregator providing automated yield farming strategy through a number of lending pools. The protocol’s most well-known pool,, shifts capital between top DeFi lending protocols like Compound, Aave and dYdX – ultimately geared at providing lenders the best return on liquidity. yEarn also created Curve’s Y pool, a lending pool consisting of top stablecoins like USDC, DAI, TUSD and USDT, and is used for the BUSD Curve pool thanks to yEarn’s interest-earning yToken standard. yEarn recently released a native governance token, YFI, which is earned through liquidity money on a number of different pools. YFI is earned by staking proof of liquidity and is one of the only DeFi tokens which was launched with no premine and no initial DEX offering.

yEarn Team

Ludmila Lopes
Danny Delott
Ian Lapham
Andrew Kang
Chris Wessels
Kaden Zipfel
Samyak Jain
Andre Cronje
Noah Zinsmeister
Andy Bromberg
Daniel Lehnberg
Hayden Adams
Agustin Aguilar
Sam Richards
Adrian Scott
Carlos Sessa
Eduard Simonyan
Matt Bridges
Kevin Meraz
Zubair Zia
Graham Utton
Miguel Cabeza
Caleb Sheridan