Yoon Kim

Yoon Kim

Head of Research and Partner at TRGC.


Yoon Kim Introduction

Yoon Kim is Head of Research and Partner at TRGC. Accomplished and dynamic investor and strategist with 20 years of experience in alternative and crypto/blockchain investing. A deep, strategic thinker and formidable tactician who leverages an extensive knowledge base to implement sophisticated strategies in emerging technologies that unlock sustainable long-term growth and value accretion. A few career highlights include: • Founded a pre-launch digital asset fund; set up as a BVI master-feeder structure to invest in private and public blockchain tokens. • Recognized and invested early in emerging technologies from paid search to smart phones to blockchains. • Proven capacity to analyze and assess business and technology impacts of crypto projects. My core competencies Include: CRYPTO INVESTING AND ANALYSIS: possess deep understanding of crypto space overall and various blockchain protocols, able to assess the business and technology value and impact of a token, with a strong overview of the regulatory landscape. Strong ability to collect, analyze, and communicate data and information effectively. FUNDAMENTAL RESEARCH PROCESS: well-practiced in fundamental and macroeconomic analyses, leveraging both qualitative and quantitative processes, including building proprietary business models, scenario permutations, and consumer trend analyses. Thorough understanding of corporate finance and financial accounting. STRATEGY AND PLANNING: building roadmaps and plans to rapidly adapt to constantly changing market and client needs; assessing impact and effectiveness of programs and partnerships; providing consulting services, budgeting, and evaluation support, balancing client, technology, and market needs and ROI in evolving environments. NEW BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT AND MARKETING: adapts to constantly changing market needs, expectations, and evolving business dynamics. Understands project management principles and uncovers next-level product growth and adjacent market opportunities. Crafts detailed road maps that translate high-level strategy into highest ROIC opportunities. ALLIANCE AND RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT: anticipating and meeting stakeholder priorities, developing new high-value partners and clients, fostering existing relationships, managing complex negotiations.. Strong ability to collect, analyze, and communicate information effectively. Possess a wide network of crypto and Wall Street relationships.

Yoon Kim Work Experience