Yun-Fang Juan

Yun-Fang Juan

Early Stage Investor at Brighter Capital.


Yun-Fang Juan Introduction

Yun-Fang Juan is General Partner at Brighter Capital, Venture Partner and Senior Technical Advisor at Leadout Capital, Early Stage Investor focusing on Pre Product Market Fit. I am an entrepreneur, software engineer and investor. I am a product person. I have been building many different kinds of software products including web search (2001-2006) , targeted ads (2006-2011), e-commerce(2013), fintech(2014-2015), bioinformatics (2016-2019) in my 20 years of software engineering career. My current project is a robotic dumpling shop ( closed due to COVID ). It's nice to make a different kind of product. But iteration, persistence and attention to details is still the key. I would say after 12 months development, my current robot made dumplings are pretty close to the hand-rolled ones. I am also a fairly prolific angel investor. I think angel investing is a good way to pump money directly into the economy vs buying/selling in the public market. I also get to know different industries and different people through the process. Most of these investments are still illiquid but I am confident I make money. Notable investments include Iterable, MatterPort and Envoy. I invested in them at the angel/seed stage while their valuation is sub-$10M. They are now all over $200M in valuation. I worked for Facebook from 2006-2011 starting as one of the founding engineers of Facebook Ads, which grew from scratch to a multi-billion dollar business in less than 3 years. I also started the coefficient project inside Facebook, developing the infrastructure and algorithms to characterize the friend and preference relationships on Facebook’s gigantic social graph. The system we developed served 1 million+ QPS and held billions of relationship metrics for real-time access with just a few hundred machines. Prior to Facebook, I worked for Yahoo! For 6 years on web search, data mining and ab testing framework. I graduated with a BS in electrical engineering from National Taiwan University and a MS in operations research from UC Berkeley. I have filed 10+ patents on internet measurements, social ads and online friendships.

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