Zeev Ventures

Zeev Ventures

Early stage venture fund, managed by Oren Zeev.


Zeev Ventures Introduction

Zeev Ventures is an early stage venture fund, managed by Oren Zeev. Current and past portfolio companies include Houzz: Board Member since 2010, led seed round at incorporation Audible: Board Member 2003-08, Led Apax investment in 2003, ADBL IPO'ed in 2004 at 17X Apax's cost and acquired by AMZN in 2008 Chegg: Board Member 2008-12, led Series A round, CHGG IPO'ed in 2013 Duda: Chairman, Led first 2 rounds (first at incorporation) Crossrider: Chairman, led both rounds, company acquired for 19X total money raised Tipalti: Co-Founder and Chairman, led Seed (at incorporation), A, C and D rounds Wibiya: Board member until sold, led Series A, acquired for 18X total money raised Loop Commerce: Chairman until sold, led first 2 rounds. Company acquired by Synchrony bank for a significant but undisclosed outcome. Homelight: Board Member, led Series A GT Nexus: Significant Early Investor, acquired for $675m TripActions: Board Member, led first 2 rounds (the first at incorporation) Redkix: Board Member until sold, led seed round at incorporation, acquired by Facebook Next Insurance: Board Member, co-led seed round at incorporation vFunction: Early investor and Board Member Reali: Board Member, co led A round and led B round Domestika: Board Member, led A, B and C rounds Uber Freight: Significant investor and advisor Stackbit: Board Member, led A round at incorporation Proteantecs: Board Observer, Participated in the B round Hippo: Significant Investor and Advisor Up9: Led the Seed round at incorporation Explorium: Board Member, Led Series A and B rounds Fieldin: Board Member, Led Series A round Treeverse: co-led seed round FireBolt: Board Member, Led Series A and B rounds Veev: co-led A round and led B round Riverside.fm: led seed round at incorporation Other investments: Seal (acquired by DocuSign), Moovit (acquired by Intel), Bonobos (acquired by Walmart), Streamonce (acquired by Jive), Couchbase, Jitterbit (acquired by Audax), Applause (acquired by Vista), dLocal, Netlify, Dynamic Yield (acquired by McDonald's).

Zeev Ventures Portfolio