ZigZag Labs

ZigZag Labs

Driven builders excited by ZK Rollups as layer 2 solution to scale Ethereum.


ZigZag Labs Introduction

ZigZag Labs is a community of coders, designers, mathematicians, cryptograph experts, high-frequency traders, researchers, market makers and other contributors. We are all fully focused on ZK Rollups. We want to be part of the journey to scale Ethereum and build a decentralised future. We are aware of the need and thirst to scale Ethereum, which is why we are building on zkSync and StarkNet. Do you have a new idea or do you want to contribute to our current projects? Anyone is welcome to contribute to ZigZag Labs and hopefully you will end up joining one of the projects as team member or getting hired by us! If you want to be part of the family, please send us a message through the contact form.

ZigZag Labs Portfolio