Radar Relay - CupherHunter

Radar Relay

0x order book to find and trade any ERC20 token.
dYdX - CupherHunter


The Protocol for Decentralized Financial Derivatives.
Sudoswap - CupherHunter


Swap any asset to any asset.
Brave - CupherHunter


Fix the web.
TokenTrove - CupherHunter


A smarter marketplace for NFTs.
ShibaSwap - CupherHunter


Cheapest way to buy SHIB.
Clay Robbins - CupherHunter

Clay Robbins

Principal at Slow Ventures.
Trader - CupherHunter


Trade your NFTs with friends.
Thales - CupherHunter


Binary Options Trading, Re-Imagined.
Veil - CupherHunter


Prediction market built on top of Augur.
DoubleSwap - CupherHunter


Cross-chain exchange, powered by 2nd layer scaling.
Chris Kalani - CupherHunter

Chris Kalani

CPO & Co-founder at Phantom.
Brandon Millman - CupherHunter

Brandon Millman

CEO & Co-founder at Phantom.
Francesco Agosti - CupherHunter

Francesco Agosti

CTO & Co-founder at Phantom.
Matcha - CupherHunter


A better way to swap Ethereum token.
DDEX - CupherHunter


User-Friendly decentralized exchange for ERC20 tokens.
Matty Tay - CupherHunter

Matty Tay

Leading Marketing at Solana.
Paul Vienhage - CupherHunter

Paul Vienhage

Lead Solidity Engineer at Element.
Totle - CupherHunter


Your DEX Dashboard.
BoxSwap - CupherHunter


An over-the-counter asset exchange platform.
Paradigm Labs - CupherHunter

Paradigm Labs

Liquidity Solutions for Decentralized Finance.
David Sun - CupherHunter

David Sun

Frontend Engineer at 0x Labs.
Fabio Berger - CupherHunter

Fabio Berger

Engineering Manager at 0x.
Steve Klebanoff - CupherHunter

Steve Klebanoff

Senior Engineer at 0x.
Leonid Logvinov - CupherHunter

Leonid Logvinov

Legal Apprentice at Ramp Network.
0x Tracker - CupherHunter

0x Tracker

The 0x Protocol Trade Explorer and news aggregator.
Tokenlon - CupherHunter


Decentralized trading platform based in imToken.
Fulvia Morales - CupherHunter

Fulvia Morales

Product Manager at 0x.
OpenRelay - CupherHunter


Open source relay for the 0x protocol.
Blake Henderson - CupherHunter

Blake Henderson

Ecosystem Programs Lead at 0x.
ERC dEX - CupherHunter


Decentralized Exchange with advanced financial tools.
Alex Kroeger - CupherHunter

Alex Kroeger

Data Scientist at 0x.
John Johnson - CupherHunter

John Johnson

Senior Frontend Engineer at 0x.
Kim Persson - CupherHunter

Kim Persson

Engineer at 0x.
0xpo - CupherHunter


0x invites industry leaders to come together for an exchange of ideas.
Michael Zhu - CupherHunter

Michael Zhu

Protocol Engineer at 0x.
Oskar Paolini - CupherHunter

Oskar Paolini

DevOps Engineer at 0x.
Alex Towle - CupherHunter

Alex Towle

Protocol Engineer at 0x.
Theo Gonella - CupherHunter

Theo Gonella

Product Manager at 0x.
Patryk Adas - CupherHunter

Patryk Adas

Designer at 0x.
Remco Bloemen - CupherHunter

Remco Bloemen

Technical Fellow at 0x.
Mason Liang - CupherHunter

Mason Liang

Research Engineer at 0x.
Brent Oshiro - CupherHunter

Brent Oshiro

Community Engagement Lead at 0x.
Daniel Pyrathon - CupherHunter

Daniel Pyrathon

Senior Engineer at 0x.
Lawrence Forman - CupherHunter

Lawrence Forman

Protocol Engineer at 0x.
Xianny Ng - CupherHunter

Xianny Ng

Engineer at 0x.
Jason Somensatto - CupherHunter

Jason Somensatto

Law and policy at 0x.
F. Eugene Aumson - CupherHunter

F. Eugene Aumson

Senior Software Engineer at 0x.