VillageDAO - CupherHunter


The First Decentralized Customer Care Platform for Web3.
Gitcoin - CupherHunter


Do More Work, Faster.
INFLOW - CupherHunter


Social Token Launchpad for Artists.
Kevin Zhang - CupherHunter

Kevin Zhang

Co-Founder at DFX Finance.
Andrew Hong - CupherHunter

Andrew Hong

Data Scientist at Mirror.
Devin Walsh - CupherHunter

Devin Walsh

Chief of Staff to the COO at Uniswap Labs.
Matter Labs - CupherHunter

Matter Labs

Building scalable blockchain on zero- knowledge proofs.
Alongside - CupherHunter


Invest in hundreds of crypto assets in a single click.
MetaMask - CupherHunter


Bring Ethereum to your web browser.
Bobby Dresser - CupherHunter

Bobby Dresser

Head of Product at Optimism.
Joyn - CupherHunter


Co-create the Next Web3 Cultural Classics.
Sorare - CupherHunter


Global Fantasy Football.
Griffin Anderson - CupherHunter

Griffin Anderson

Chief Executive Officer at Phi Labs.
Sam Hart - CupherHunter

Sam Hart

Grants Manager at Interchain Foundation.
Nori - CupherHunter


The Nori Carbon Removal Marketplace.
Joshua Lapidus - CupherHunter

Joshua Lapidus

Executive Community Steward at Opolis.
Koh Wei Jie - CupherHunter

Koh Wei Jie

Ethereum and full-stack developer from Singapore.
Aligned - CupherHunter


Bridging the gaps in DeFi.
INFURA - CupherHunter


Scalable Blockchain Infrastructure.
Mohammad Shaikh - CupherHunter

Mohammad Shaikh

Co-Founder, CEO at Aptos.
Alpine - CupherHunter


Blueprints for new digital economies.
Nate Chastain - CupherHunter

Nate Chastain

Former Head of Product at OpenSea.
Serto - CupherHunter


Formerly uPort. Data meets identity.
ConsenSys Mesh - CupherHunter

ConsenSys Mesh

Incubator. Investor.
Rouven Heck - CupherHunter

Rouven Heck

Digital Identity Lead at ConsenSys.
Smart Hotel Rate - CupherHunter

Smart Hotel Rate

Detect. Assess. Correct.
ConsenSys - CupherHunter


Harness the power of Ethereum.
John Packel - CupherHunter

John Packel

Advisor at ConsenSys, Keep Network.
SkillWallet - CupherHunter


NFT IDs that unlock the true power of Web3 Communities.
Martin Ortner - CupherHunter

Martin Ortner

Security Engineer, Researcher at ConsenSys.
Truffle - CupherHunter


Sweet Tools for Smart Contracts.
Connext - CupherHunter


Cheaper, fairer payments.
Ink Protocol - CupherHunter

Ink Protocol

Ink Protocol is the new reputation and payment system...
Rune Bentien - CupherHunter

Rune Bentien

Partner at MOVE Capital.
David Roon - CupherHunter

David Roon

Co-Founder, CTO at Tribute labs.
AZTEC - CupherHunter


Cutting-edge zero-knowledge proofs to enable private transactions.
Robert Miller - CupherHunter

Robert Miller

Product Lead & Steward at Flashbots.
Alexis Masseron - CupherHunter

Alexis Masseron

Co-Founder and CEO of JellyFi.
kotal - CupherHunter


Simplifying Blockchain DevOps.
Community Gaming - CupherHunter

Community Gaming

Online tournament platform and esports events company.
Chris Gonsalves - CupherHunter

Chris Gonsalves

CEO at Community Gaming.
James Slazas - CupherHunter

James Slazas

Chief Executive Officer at VaultLink.
GNOSIS - CupherHunter


The next generation of prediction market applications.
Ethereal Ventures - CupherHunter

Ethereal Ventures

Founded by Joseph Lubin.
John Lilic - CupherHunter

John Lilic

Co-founder of CodeToInspire and ConsenSys member.
George Lambeth - CupherHunter

George Lambeth

Co-Founder of Divergence Ventures.
Alethio - CupherHunter


Make Ethereum data work for you.
Johannes Pfeffer - CupherHunter

Johannes Pfeffer

Co-Founder & CTO of atpar AG.