Volume - CupherHunter


Increase protocol token utility and community engagement.
SAGA - CupherHunter


The Next 1000 Chains in the Multiverse. Where Your Journey Begins.
Bogdan Alexandrescu - CupherHunter

Bogdan Alexandrescu

Co-Founder & VP of Engineering at Saga.
Strangelove - CupherHunter


Previously Pylon Validation.
Jack Zampolin - CupherHunter

Jack Zampolin

Developer Program Member of Cosmos and Tendermint.
Rebecca Liao - CupherHunter

Rebecca Liao

Co-Founder & CEO at Saga.
Sommelier - CupherHunter


The New Coprocessor for Ethereum.
Jin Kwon - CupherHunter

Jin Kwon

Co-Founder at Saga.
Evmos - CupherHunter


The EVM Compatible Hub on Cosmos.
Gno.land - CupherHunter


Next gen smart contracting platform.
Clan Network - CupherHunter

Clan Network

A Web3 inspired gaming economy.
EvmoSwap - CupherHunter


AMM, DEX for the Evmos network.
UniverseDAO - CupherHunter


First cross-chain launchpad platform built on Cosmos.
Aura Network - CupherHunter

Aura Network

NFT-centric network for the metaverse.
JunoSwap - CupherHunter


The Interchain DEX.
Kava Knights - CupherHunter

Kava Knights

Kava supporters, Price & Staking discussions.
dYmension - CupherHunter


To rollups as Cosmos is to blockchains.
Ignite Ventures - CupherHunter

Ignite Ventures

Invest in the Interchain.
Ignite Accelerator - CupherHunter

Ignite Accelerator

Ignite (formerly Tendermint) accelerator for Web 3 projects.
B-Harvest - CupherHunter


Provide Validation Service for Cosmos Network.
Crescent - CupherHunter


Brightest moonlight to shine through Cosmos.
Cosmos Collective - CupherHunter

Cosmos Collective

Supporting the Cosmos Ecosystem.
XDEFI Wallet - CupherHunter

XDEFI Wallet

All your crypto in a single wallet.
KYVE Network - CupherHunter

KYVE Network

The unified archive for blockchains.
MINTSCAN - CupherHunter


CØSMOS EXPLORER by Cosmostation.
Pulsar Finance - CupherHunter

Pulsar Finance

Isolated Money Markets built on Evmos.
Stargaze - CupherHunter


The First Interoperable Layer 1 for NFTs.
Xavier Meegan - CupherHunter

Xavier Meegan

Research at Chorus One.
Public Awesome - CupherHunter

Public Awesome

Team of developers that contribute to Stargaze.
Shane Vitarana - CupherHunter

Shane Vitarana

Chief intern at Stargaze.Zone.
Jake Hartnell - CupherHunter

Jake Hartnell

Co-Founder of Public Awesome.
StaFiHub - CupherHunter


Serve the Staking Derivatives in Cosmos ecosystem.
KysenPool - CupherHunter


Deposit Crypto to Earn More Crypto.
Coslend - CupherHunter


The First Money Market On Evmos.
Phi Labs - CupherHunter

Phi Labs

Blockchain tools and protocols that empower developers & creators.
Griffin Anderson - CupherHunter

Griffin Anderson

Chief Executive Officer at Phi Labs.
Michael Cullinan - CupherHunter

Michael Cullinan

Contributing to Phi Labs.
Archway - CupherHunter


An Incentivized Smart Contract Chain for Cosmos.
Kinesis Labs - CupherHunter

Kinesis Labs

The First Stablecoin Exchange on Cosmos.
Marble DAO - CupherHunter

Marble DAO

The first community-driven platform on Juno.
Evolidly - CupherHunter


The first Solidly Exchange fork on EVMOS.
Planet Labs - CupherHunter

Planet Labs

Bringing Curve onto Evmos and Cosmos Ecosystem.
Starport - CupherHunter


Platform to create and launch blockchains.
Exswap - CupherHunter


Community-focused Uniswap v2 fork launching on Evmos.
Cronus Finance - CupherHunter

Cronus Finance

Fully permissionless and composable AMM built on Evmos.
Provalidator - CupherHunter


Supporting Blockchain Infrastructure.
Haifeng Xi - CupherHunter

Haifeng Xi

Director and Co-founder of IRISnet.
Parabola.fi - CupherHunter


StableSwap Build on Cronos.