Data Analysis

Jump Crypto - CupherHunter

Jump Crypto

Building toward the next frontier in crypto infrastructure.
Other Internet - CupherHunter

Other Internet

Decentralized applied research organization.
Geometry - CupherHunter


Crypto research.
Lydia Lin - CupherHunter

Lydia Lin

Senior Data Analyst at Binance.
Richard Dai - CupherHunter

Richard Dai

Research and investment analyst at DRW.
Joel John - CupherHunter

Joel John

Venture Lead at LedgerPrime.
Rahul Dalmia - CupherHunter

Rahul Dalmia

Former Quantitative Strategist/Researcher at J.P. Morgan.
Darren Lau - CupherHunter

Darren Lau

Former Senior Analyst at The Spartan Group.
HASH CIB - CupherHunter


Financial solutions in the crypto markets.
Tokenflow - CupherHunter


Visualizing the flow of tokens in Ethereum mainnet transactions.
Web3Go - CupherHunter


Open data analytics platform, Built for the Polkadot ecosystem.
Alex Svanevik - CupherHunter

Alex Svanevik

Co-founder of D5.
Daryl Lau - CupherHunter

Daryl Lau

Research Analyst at CoinGecko.
Nick Chong - CupherHunter

Nick Chong

Analyst focused on decentralized finance at Hex Capital.
PARSIQ - CupherHunter


Turn blockchain data into actions.
Navi Singh - CupherHunter

Navi Singh

Head of Technology at Antler.
hawku - CupherHunter


Provide Real time listings, sales and data for Zed horse data.
Chainlink Labs - CupherHunter

Chainlink Labs

Creating a future powered by hybrid smart contracts.
elementus - CupherHunter


The First Universal Blockchain Search Engine.
amberdata - CupherHunter


Operational monitoring and analytics for blockchain.
Chris Hermida - CupherHunter

Chris Hermida

Partner at Manna.
Ryan Selkis - CupherHunter

Ryan Selkis

Founder and CEO of Messari. - CupherHunter

NFT tracking.
John Dummett - CupherHunter

John Dummett

Co-Founder of Drift Protocol.
ComplyAdvantage - CupherHunter


AI-driven financial crime risk technology powered by ComplyData.
George Lambeth - CupherHunter

George Lambeth

Co-Founder of Divergence Ventures.
Mika Honkasalo - CupherHunter

Mika Honkasalo

Research & Data at The Block.
Larry Cermak - CupherHunter

Larry Cermak

Head Analyst at The Block.
Alethio - CupherHunter


Make Ethereum data work for you.
Johannes Pfeffer - CupherHunter

Johannes Pfeffer

Co-Founder & CTO of atpar AG.
Ashwin Ramachandran - CupherHunter

Ashwin Ramachandran

Researcher at Dragonfly Capital.
Adam D’Augelli - CupherHunter

Adam D’Augelli

Partner at True Ventures.
Laguna Games - CupherHunter

Laguna Games

Kickass games, now built on blockchain.
Gradient DAO - CupherHunter

Gradient DAO

Using machine learning and computer simulation to optimize and understand DAOs. - CupherHunter

Investigate YOUR NEAR account.
Privacy & Scaling Explorations - CupherHunter

Privacy & Scaling Explorations

One of several teams supported by the Ethereum foundation.
HashCloak - CupherHunter


Blockchain R&D lab focused on privacy at all the layers.
Diamond DAO - CupherHunter

Diamond DAO

Discover Chainverse.
The Generalist - CupherHunter

The Generalist

Master the Future.
Mark Streeter - CupherHunter

Mark Streeter

Partner at Cultur3 Capital.
Michael Kam - CupherHunter

Michael Kam

Co-Founder of Double Peak.
Jeremy Ong - CupherHunter

Jeremy Ong

Head of Data at Delphi Digital.
Nansen - CupherHunter


Surface the Signal in Blockchain Data.
Lars Bakke Krogvig - CupherHunter

Lars Bakke Krogvig

Chief Data Engineer at Nansen.
D5 - CupherHunter


The Data Science DAO.
Calvin Chu - CupherHunter

Calvin Chu

Formerly Analyst at Binance Research.
Anudit Nagar - CupherHunter

Anudit Nagar

Building Convo.
Sergei Chan - CupherHunter

Sergei Chan

Lead Analyst at BlockScience.