Chainlink Labs - CupherHunter

Chainlink Labs

Creating a future powered by hybrid smart contracts.
Nick Pai - CupherHunter

Nick Pai

Engineer, Designer, Trader.
Xule Lin - CupherHunter

Xule Lin

Management and Entrepreneurship at Decentralized.
Kevin Lu - CupherHunter

Kevin Lu

Data scientist at Coin Metrics.
Kevin Kim - CupherHunter

Kevin Kim

Business Student.
Xangle - CupherHunter


Crypto Asset Disclosure Platform.
Annika Lewis - CupherHunter

Annika Lewis

Web3, Data, Startups.
Andrew Hong - CupherHunter

Andrew Hong

Data Scientist at Mirror.
Ryan Watkins - CupherHunter

Ryan Watkins

Co-Founder of Pangea Fund Management.
InternDAO - CupherHunter


Have fun, share alpha, and build the decentralized future with friends.
revert - CupherHunter


Actionable analytics for DeFi liquidity providers.
PlayToEarn - CupherHunter


Play2Earn Crypto & NFT Blockchain Games & VirtualWorlds.
Nansen - CupherHunter


Surface the Signal in Blockchain Data.
Dune Analytics - CupherHunter

Dune Analytics

We make Ethereum data easy.
Chainalysis - CupherHunter


Building trust in blockchains.
Token Metrics - CupherHunter

Token Metrics

A data-driven investment research platform for crypto.
NFTScoring - CupherHunter


Which NFTs get me lambo? AI-driven scoring of NFT projects.
Flashbots - CupherHunter


Frontrunning the MEV Crisis.
Devin Walsh - CupherHunter

Devin Walsh

Chief of Staff to the COO at Uniswap Labs.
John Dantoni - CupherHunter

John Dantoni

Research at The Block.
ZeroDrop - CupherHunter


Engagement platform for NFT and GameFi Projects.
WOMBI - CupherHunter


Web3 Product Analytics.
Amitej Gajjala - CupherHunter

Amitej Gajjala

Founder at Stader Labs.
Sami Tannir - CupherHunter

Sami Tannir

DeFi and NFT analyst for Conflux Network.
Matej Galvanek - CupherHunter

Matej Galvanek

Partner & Research at Zee Prime Capital.
Dispatch - CupherHunter


Connect to Your Crypto Community.
Agnostic Fund - CupherHunter

Agnostic Fund

Research-driven fund that backs innovative crypto companies.
DaoSurv - CupherHunter


Cultivating DAO to success.
bitsCrunch - CupherHunter


Enabling, Engaging & Empowering Big NFT Ecosystems.
Jump Crypto - CupherHunter

Jump Crypto

Building toward the next frontier in crypto infrastructure.
Keone Hon - CupherHunter

Keone Hon

Co-Founder of Monad (accelerating EVM).
DeFi Pulse - CupherHunter

DeFi Pulse

Tracking DeFi.
DAO Pulse - CupherHunter

DAO Pulse

Research on community engagement.
Genesis Volatility - CupherHunter

Genesis Volatility

Crypto Options Analytics.
Polynya - CupherHunter


ETH OG and dev.
Analyst DAO - CupherHunter

Analyst DAO

Distributed Equity Research Project.
J. Strubel - CupherHunter

J. Strubel

Researching and writing for Crypto, Web3.
Reid Stender - CupherHunter

Reid Stender

Investor at Stateless Ventures.
Will Price - CupherHunter

Will Price

Data science at Flipside Crypto.
Maciej Rymarz - CupherHunter

Maciej Rymarz

Data Platform at Fabric Ventures.
DappLooker - CupherHunter


Make sense of smart contract data.
Blockrover - CupherHunter


No code data analytics.
Enzac Research - CupherHunter

Enzac Research

Blockchain Advisor x Incubator x Investor.
Robert Kornacki - CupherHunter

Robert Kornacki

CSO at dcSpark.
Natalia Murillo - CupherHunter

Natalia Murillo

CEO at Koop.
Jonathan Itzler - CupherHunter

Jonathan Itzler

Venture Partner at Variant.
Geoff Hamilton - CupherHunter

Geoff Hamilton

Investment Partner at Variant.
Medha Kothari - CupherHunter

Medha Kothari

Research Partner at Variant.