Jiashan Wu - CupherHunter

Jiashan Wu

CEO at Reactions.
Greg Leuch - CupherHunter

Greg Leuch

Co-Founder of Reactions.
Zach Krasner - CupherHunter

Zach Krasner

Product designer, artist, developer, rookie surfer, and ever learning entrepreneur.
Sergei Chan - CupherHunter

Sergei Chan

Lead Analyst at BlockScience.
Mariano Rodriguez - CupherHunter

Mariano Rodriguez

Lead Designer at Jsgenesis.
Eric Diep - CupherHunter

Eric Diep

Founder emeritus at A Thinking Ape.
Zita Fekete - CupherHunter

Zita Fekete

Product Designer at ECF.
ETHWORKS - CupherHunter


One-stop-shop for your blockchain project.
Callil Capuozzo - CupherHunter

Callil Capuozzo

Designer at Uniswap.
John Palmer - CupherHunter

John Palmer

Working on PartyDAO.
Todd Goldberg - CupherHunter

Todd Goldberg

Entrepreneur and angel investor.
Raj Gokal - CupherHunter

Raj Gokal

Co-Founder of Solana.
Dylan Macalinao - CupherHunter

Dylan Macalinao

Co-Founder of Saber.
Supriyo Roy - CupherHunter

Supriyo Roy

Founder of Hyype.
Seb Audet - CupherHunter

Seb Audet

Building Defisnap and Shakepay.
Scott Belsky - CupherHunter

Scott Belsky

Chief Product Officer, Executive Vice President at Creative Cloud of Adobe.
Jamie Wilkinson - CupherHunter

Jamie Wilkinson

Computer programmer & entrepreneur.
Form Capital - CupherHunter

Form Capital

Early-stage fund from Bobby Goodlatte, Josh Williams.
Yang You - CupherHunter

Yang You

Design + Product at Syndicate.
Mind Apivessa - CupherHunter

Mind Apivessa

Product Designer at Facebook.
Kevin Zhang - CupherHunter

Kevin Zhang

Building STATION.
Tina He - CupherHunter

Tina He

Investor at Pace Capital.
Jon Yan - CupherHunter

Jon Yan

Designer at Coinbase.
In/Visible Ventures - CupherHunter

In/Visible Ventures

Design-led venture, investing in visionaries shaping our world.
Paty Davila - CupherHunter

Paty Davila

Ethical design, technology & people at Spectre.
Arlen McCluskey - CupherHunter

Arlen McCluskey

Lead UX Consultant at Unvest.
UltimStudio - CupherHunter


Product design strategy for fast moving companies.
The Builder Collective - CupherHunter

The Builder Collective

Explore a Cooperative owned by its participants.
Koto Studio - CupherHunter

Koto Studio

Understanding the essence of brand. We make things come alive.
Raw Haus - CupherHunter

Raw Haus

Connecting [raw] talent in art, design, and technology.
BKDF - CupherHunter


Brooklyn Design Factory.
Ackee - CupherHunter


Software development enthusiasts from <3 of Europe.
Overnice - CupherHunter


Create brands, products, creatives and overall a good time for users.
Jacob Horne - CupherHunter

Jacob Horne

Design, Cryptocurrency, Computer Science.
Vanessa Slavich - CupherHunter

Vanessa Slavich

Partner at cLabs.
Bobby Goodlatte - CupherHunter

Bobby Goodlatte

Product designer, angel investor.
Overpriced.NFT - CupherHunter


Fashion for the Crypto Generation.
Denis Firu - CupherHunter

Denis Firu

UI/UX Designer at BarnBridge.
Amy Jung - CupherHunter

Amy Jung

Tech + Design + Strategy.
Madhav Khandelwal - CupherHunter

Madhav Khandelwal

Visual Creative Designer.
Late Checkout - CupherHunter

Late Checkout

Communities design firm.
Aleksandar Cakalic - CupherHunter

Aleksandar Cakalic

Web3 Frontend Developer at DeFi Saver, Decenter.
Miru Shim - CupherHunter

Miru Shim

Creative Director at
Chris Kalani - CupherHunter

Chris Kalani

CPO & Co-founder at Phantom.
Jayson Hobby - CupherHunter

Jayson Hobby

Head of Design at Compound Finance.
Tim Prochak - CupherHunter

Tim Prochak

Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Illust Space.
Crank Studio - CupherHunter

Crank Studio

Canada-based user experience and user interface (UX/UI) design firm.
Khyati Trehan - CupherHunter

Khyati Trehan

Senior Designer at IDEO.