Jerry Yang - CupherHunter

Jerry Yang

Co-Founder of Yahoo! Inc.
John L. Hennessy - CupherHunter

John L. Hennessy

Marc Andreessen called him "the godfather of Silicon Valley."
Daniel Lv - CupherHunter

Daniel Lv

Co-founder of Nervos and imToken.
Terry Tai - CupherHunter

Terry Tai

CEO & Director at Nervos Foundation.
Jan Xie - CupherHunter

Jan Xie

Founder at Nervos & Cryptape.
Patrick Dai - CupherHunter

Patrick Dai

Founder of Qtum.
Erik Zhang - CupherHunter

Erik Zhang

Self-Evolving Cryptocurrency Platform
Colin Goltra - CupherHunter

Colin Goltra

Former head of Binance SEA.
Cyber Manufacture Co. - CupherHunter

Cyber Manufacture Co.

Transcending culture.
0xMaki - CupherHunter


Co-Founder of SushiSwap.
Rand Labs - CupherHunter

Rand Labs

A Specialized Team on Algorand Technology.
Blockmountain - CupherHunter


Making the Solana ecosystem for developers, through open source development.
Fire Eyes - CupherHunter

Fire Eyes

Governance division birthed from Raid Guild.
Peter Toth - CupherHunter

Peter Toth

Co-Founder of Kosen Labs.
Miljan Martic - CupherHunter

Miljan Martic

Co-founder & CEO at Kosen Labs.
Andy Chorlian - CupherHunter

Andy Chorlian

Founder of Fractional.
Fracture Labs - CupherHunter

Fracture Labs

Videogame company based in Estonia.
Brian Flynn - CupherHunter

Brian Flynn

Building. Learning. Curious. Product/UX Designer.
Jaynti Kanani - CupherHunter

Jaynti Kanani

Founder of Polygon.
Sandeep Nailwal - CupherHunter

Sandeep Nailwal

Co-founder & COO of Polygon.
Do Kwon - CupherHunter

Do Kwon

Co-Founder & CEO at Terra.
Tascha Punyaneramitdee - CupherHunter

Tascha Punyaneramitdee

CEO at Alpha Finance Lab.
IPOR - CupherHunter


The Heartbeat of DeFi.
Benedict Chan - CupherHunter

Benedict Chan

Vice President Of Engineering at Chainlink Labs.
DoraHacks - CupherHunter


A Global Hackathon Organizer.
CJ Hetherington - CupherHunter

CJ Hetherington

Co-Founder of Atlantis World.
Chainapsis - CupherHunter


Connect blockchains and humans.
Lasse Herskind - CupherHunter

Lasse Herskind

Builder at Aave, TokenFlow.
Forte - CupherHunter


Forging the future of games.
0xmons - CupherHunter


Neural net generated pixel horrors.
Agoric - CupherHunter


Secure smart contracts.
Project Galaxy - CupherHunter

Project Galaxy

Discover infinite possibilities with on-chain credentials.
Subsquid - CupherHunter


Smoothest middleware technology unlocking the most powerful APIs for Web 3.0.
KodaDot - CupherHunter


Community-owned NFT market explorer on Kusama.
Charles Hoskinson - CupherHunter

Charles Hoskinson

CEO of Input Output, co-founder of Ethereum.
Meltem Demirors - CupherHunter

Meltem Demirors

Chief Strategy Officer at CoinShares, Head of CS Treasury.
Alex Svanevik - CupherHunter

Alex Svanevik

Co-founder of D5.
Mats Stafseng Einarsen - CupherHunter

Mats Stafseng Einarsen

Senior Director of Product Management.
Faraway - CupherHunter


Player-driven Universes.
Kain Warwick - CupherHunter

Kain Warwick

Founder of Synthetix, CEO at blueshyft.
Luis Ivan Cuende - CupherHunter

Luis Ivan Cuende

CEO of Aragon One Team, co-founder of Aragon Project.
Biconomy - CupherHunter


Enabling Digital Economies of the future.
Syndica - CupherHunter


The backend for your backendless DApps.
Fabien Marino - CupherHunter

Fabien Marino

Founder and CEO at Snapshot Labs.
Yun-Fang Juan - CupherHunter

Yun-Fang Juan

Early Stage Investor at Brighter Capital.
Chikai - CupherHunter


Software Development Services with a Solutions Mindset.
Jutta Steiner - CupherHunter

Jutta Steiner

Co-Founder & CEO at Parity Technologies.
nyft studios - CupherHunter

nyft studios

The studio behind Nifty Island.