Project Liberty - CupherHunter

Project Liberty

Social-Media Disruptor.
INFURA - CupherHunter


Scalable Blockchain Infrastructure.
Snir Kodesh - CupherHunter

Snir Kodesh

Head of Engineering at Retool.
Alexander Bulkin - CupherHunter

Alexander Bulkin

Founder of Adapt Framework Solutions.
Ronald Yu - CupherHunter

Ronald Yu

Founder & CEO at Autopass.
Stani Kulechov - CupherHunter

Stani Kulechov

Founder of Aave.
Zong-Dao Hu - CupherHunter

Zong-Dao Hu

Developer at Furucombo and DeFlast.
Hsuan-Ting Chu - CupherHunter

Hsuan-Ting Chu

Nicholas Tong - CupherHunter

Nicholas Tong

Head of Strategy at Perpetual Protocol.
dLab - CupherHunter


Omnichain builder.
NodeReal - CupherHunter


One-Stop Infrastructure & Solution Provider For the High-Speed Blockchain Era.
SAGA - CupherHunter


The Next 1000 Chains in the Multiverse. Where Your Journey Begins.
Bogdan Alexandrescu - CupherHunter

Bogdan Alexandrescu

Co-Founder & VP of Engineering at Saga.
Jack Zampolin - CupherHunter

Jack Zampolin

Developer Program Member of Cosmos and Tendermint.
Jin Kwon - CupherHunter

Jin Kwon

Co-Founder at Saga.
BTE - CupherHunter


Bringing Web3 to Life.
Maneesh Sharma - CupherHunter

Maneesh Sharma

General Manager at GitHub.
Arjun Sethi - CupherHunter

Arjun Sethi

Co-Founder and Partner at Tribe Capital.
QuestBook - CupherHunter


Explore Grants, Apply for Grants, and Win Grants.
KaJ Labs - CupherHunter

KaJ Labs

Science, Technology & Engineering.
Kemal El Moujahid - CupherHunter

Kemal El Moujahid

Chief Product Officer at Chainlink Labs.
Gitcoin - CupherHunter


Do More Work, Faster.
Christopher Maree - CupherHunter

Christopher Maree

Software Engineer at UMA.
Nick Pai - CupherHunter

Nick Pai

Engineer, Designer, Trader.
Forte - CupherHunter


Forging the future of games.
Topology - CupherHunter


Where wizards stay up late.
Computecoin - CupherHunter


Support all-purpose Web3 and Metaverse services.
Moralis - CupherHunter


Scalable, fast and robust web3 infrastructure.
Tara Lin - CupherHunter

Tara Lin

Working at Slate.
Kevin Siegler - CupherHunter

Kevin Siegler

Developer at Autark.
Kevin Meraz - CupherHunter

Kevin Meraz

Software Engineer at Chronicled.
Kevin Zhang - CupherHunter

Kevin Zhang

Building STATION.
Kevin Zhang - CupherHunter

Kevin Zhang

Co-Founder at DFX Finance.
Kevin Pettit - CupherHunter

Kevin Pettit

Chief Operating Officer at Proof Of Impact.
Matt Hackett - CupherHunter

Matt Hackett

Investor & Advisor at Headway.
Tectona - CupherHunter


Leading The Digital Value Revolution.
Jimmy Chang - CupherHunter

Jimmy Chang

Experiments Lead at Aave.
Sam Sends - CupherHunter

Sam Sends

Co-Founder of
Nader Dabit - CupherHunter

Nader Dabit

Developer Relations Engineer at Edge & Node.
Samuel Vanderwaal - CupherHunter

Samuel Vanderwaal

Blockchain, Software, Investing.
Shiva Rajaraman - CupherHunter

Shiva Rajaraman

VP Product at OpenSea.
Edge & Node - CupherHunter

Edge & Node

Initial team behind The Graph.
RainbowKit - CupherHunter


Designed for everyone. Built for developers.
Hike - CupherHunter


Building the Rush Gaming Universe.
Web3Graph - CupherHunter


The advanced event-based open graph for Web 3.0.
Zapper Studio - CupherHunter

Zapper Studio

Build on Zapper.
Particle Network - CupherHunter

Particle Network

A Web3.0 game development toolkit. Mobile-first, data driven, composable.
Axel - CupherHunter


The universal DeFi API.