SoftBank - CupherHunter


Established by Masayoshi Son in 1981.
SB Opportunity Fund - CupherHunter

SB Opportunity Fund

Community of outstanding Black, Latinx and Native American founders.
Temasek - CupherHunter


Generational investor, seeking to make a difference always with tomorrow in mind.
Coinbase Ventures - CupherHunter

Coinbase Ventures

Empowering The Open Financial System.
Galaxy Interactive - CupherHunter

Galaxy Interactive

Focused on interactive content and technology companies.
HashKey Capital - CupherHunter

HashKey Capital

Affiliate of Hong Kong-based tech conglomerate HashKey Group.
Digital Currency Group - CupherHunter

Digital Currency Group

The nexus of blockchain technology and finance.
Galaxy Digital - CupherHunter

Galaxy Digital

A full service, digital assets merchant bank.
OK Blockchain Capital - CupherHunter

OK Blockchain Capital

The investment arm of OK Group.
A&T Capital - CupherHunter

A&T Capital

Long-termism investor for early & growth stage tech ventures.
OKEx Blockdream Ventures - CupherHunter

OKEx Blockdream Ventures

Block Dream Fund, Focusing on exploring the best blockchain projects across the globe.
100x - CupherHunter


Reshape the modern digital financial system.
Foundry Staking - CupherHunter

Foundry Staking

Your trusted partner for digital asset staking.
Foundry - CupherHunter


Empowering a decentralized infrastructure.
B2C2 - CupherHunter


24/7 Crypto Liquidity.
Binance Labs - CupherHunter

Binance Labs

Realizing the Full Potential of Blockchain.
F-Prime Capital - CupherHunter

F-Prime Capital

Global venture capital firm investing in healthcare and technology.
Fidelity Investments - CupherHunter

Fidelity Investments

Help you grow your savings and invest in the life you want.
Luno - CupherHunter


Bitcoin and Ethereum made easy.
CMT Digital - CupherHunter

CMT Digital

Division of the CMT Group.
SIX Group - CupherHunter

SIX Group

Technology for the financial center.
SoftBank Vision Fund - CupherHunter

SoftBank Vision Fund

Shared Vision, Amplified Ambition.
CapitalG - CupherHunter


Alphabet’s independent growth fund.
Latin America Fund - CupherHunter

Latin America Fund

Insight, innovation, and technology have no boundaries.
ConsenSys - CupherHunter


Harness the power of Ethereum.
Blockchain Creative Labs - CupherHunter

Blockchain Creative Labs

Enter the Maskverse and collect The Masked Singer NFT!
DRW Venture Capital - CupherHunter

DRW Venture Capital

Invest primarily in financial and enterprise technology.
BTC Inc - CupherHunter


The world's largest Bitcoin media group.
Mastercard Start Path - CupherHunter

Mastercard Start Path

Scale, Accelerate + Impact the Future.
gumi Cryptos - CupherHunter

gumi Cryptos

Blockchain/crypto venture fund launched by gumi Inc.
SBI Group - CupherHunter

SBI Group

Financial Services, Asset Management, Biotechnology Related Business.
Genesis Global Capital - CupherHunter

Genesis Global Capital

Institutional Digital Currency Lending.
KNS Group - CupherHunter

KNS Group

Multi-business global enterprise.
Samsung NEXT - CupherHunter

Samsung NEXT

Empower entrepreneurs around the world to build, grow and scale.
Hana Financial Investment - CupherHunter

Hana Financial Investment

Formerly Daehan Investment Trust.
AMEX Ventures - CupherHunter

AMEX Ventures

American Express Ventures.
Genesis Trading - CupherHunter

Genesis Trading

Transact with a Leader in Digital Currency Trading.
GV - CupherHunter


The venture capital arm of Alphabet, Inc.
Eurazeo - CupherHunter


Leading global investment group.
NYDIG - CupherHunter


New York Digital Investment Group.
Coinbase - CupherHunter


Create an open financial system for the world.
Prosus Ventures - CupherHunter

Prosus Ventures

Build leading technology companies in high-growth markets.
GS Futures - CupherHunter

GS Futures

Early-stage, strategic investments in the retail, sustainability, and energy sectors.
Kakao Ventures - CupherHunter

Kakao Ventures

Fix things through persistence and commitment.
BHP Ventures - CupherHunter

BHP Ventures

BHP's internal venture capital unit.
Salesforce Ventures - CupherHunter

Salesforce Ventures

Invest in the next generation of enterprise technology.
CoinDesk - CupherHunter


Leader in blockchain news.
LUN Partners - CupherHunter

LUN Partners

Multiple investment vehicles, including venture capital and private equity funds.