Alex Amsel - CupherHunter

Alex Amsel

Co-Founder of Blockchain Game Alliance.
David Cunio - CupherHunter

David Cunio

Co-Founder and CEO at Three Body Capital.
Carmen Feliciano - CupherHunter

Carmen Feliciano

Innovation & Venture at Access Ventures.
Khalid Verjee - CupherHunter

Khalid Verjee

Chris Gonsalves - CupherHunter

Chris Gonsalves

CEO at Community Gaming.
Antonny Liem - CupherHunter

Antonny Liem

Venture Builder & Investor.
Divesh Makan - CupherHunter

Divesh Makan

Partner at ICONIQ Capital.
Jeff Weiner - CupherHunter

Jeff Weiner

Executive Chairman at LinkedIn.
Stefano Schiavi - CupherHunter

Stefano Schiavi

Co-Founder of Bitscale Capital.
Zurab Kazhiloti - CupherHunter

Zurab Kazhiloti

Founder of bitscale capital.
James Slazas - CupherHunter

James Slazas

Chief Executive Officer at VaultLink.
Quinn Abrahams - CupherHunter

Quinn Abrahams

Partner of D64.
Wilson Pau - CupherHunter

Wilson Pau

Partner at Gerstenbrot Capital.
The LAO - CupherHunter


A For-Profit, Limited Liability Autonomous Organization.
Alex Cheung - CupherHunter

Alex Cheung

Investment Director & Founding Partner at
TabTrader - CupherHunter


Trading terminal for crypto exchanges.
Mattias Ljungman - CupherHunter

Mattias Ljungman

Founder at Moonfire.
Gosia Karas - CupherHunter

Gosia Karas

Investment Director at SoftBank.
Jerry Yang - CupherHunter

Jerry Yang

Co-Founder of Yahoo! Inc.
Charles R. Schwab - CupherHunter

Charles R. Schwab

Founder, chairman of Charles Schwab Corporation.
Bettina Warburg - CupherHunter

Bettina Warburg

Co-Founder of Animal Ventures.
Zihao Chen - CupherHunter

Zihao Chen

Managing Director at NGC Ventures.
Sharlyn Wu - CupherHunter

Sharlyn Wu

Chief Investment Officer at Huobi Group.
Olivia Wang - CupherHunter

Olivia Wang

Head of US at ZhenFund.
Yusen Dai - CupherHunter

Yusen Dai

Partner of ZhenFund.
Juicebox - CupherHunter


Community funding for people and projects.
Robin Chan - CupherHunter

Robin Chan

Entrepreneur and Investor.
Katana - CupherHunter


The yield generation primitive for Solana.
Amelia Cai - CupherHunter

Amelia Cai

Investment Partner at Hypersphere Ventures.
PleasrDAO - CupherHunter


Distribute the ownership of the DAO in the form of tokens.
Greg Isenberg - CupherHunter

Greg Isenberg

Founder of Late Checkout.
Seth Goldstein - CupherHunter

Seth Goldstein

Founding Member at Bright Moments.
Trevor McFedries - CupherHunter

Trevor McFedries

Co-Founder of Brud.
Jamis Johnson - CupherHunter

Jamis Johnson

Chief Pleasing Officer at PleasrDAO.
Santiago Roel Santos - CupherHunter

Santiago Roel Santos

Former General Partner at ParaFi Capital, Founder of EON Capital.
Kipp Bodnar - CupherHunter

Kipp Bodnar

CMO at HubSpot.
Eric Scott Lavin - CupherHunter

Eric Scott Lavin

Angel Investing.
Richard Dai - CupherHunter

Richard Dai

Research and investment analyst at DRW.
Jason Choi - CupherHunter

Jason Choi

Head of Research, The Spartan Group.
Joel John - CupherHunter

Joel John

Venture Lead at LedgerPrime.
Rahul Dalmia - CupherHunter

Rahul Dalmia

Former Quantitative Strategist/Researcher at J.P. Morgan.
Alan Howard - CupherHunter

Alan Howard

Co-Founder of Brevan Howard Asset Management LLP.
Darren Lau - CupherHunter

Darren Lau

Former Senior Analyst at The Spartan Group.
Rahul Sood - CupherHunter

Rahul Sood

CEO & Co-Founder at Irreverent Labs.
Charlie Songhurst - CupherHunter

Charlie Songhurst

Founding partner of Katana Capital.
Naval Ravikant - CupherHunter

Naval Ravikant

Founder & CEO, AngelList.
Meltem Demirors - CupherHunter

Meltem Demirors

Chief Strategy Officer at CoinShares, Head of CS Treasury.
Joe McCann - CupherHunter

Joe McCann

Strategist, Cloud + AI at Microsoft.