Bogdan Alexandrescu - CupherHunter

Bogdan Alexandrescu

Co-Founder & VP of Engineering at Saga.
Jack Zampolin - CupherHunter

Jack Zampolin

Developer Program Member of Cosmos and Tendermint.
Chris Adamo - CupherHunter

Chris Adamo

Co-Founder of Flamingo Capital.
Orca DAO - CupherHunter

Orca DAO

New Generation DVC.
Arjun Sethi - CupherHunter

Arjun Sethi

Co-Founder and Partner at Tribe Capital.
QuestBook - CupherHunter


Explore Grants, Apply for Grants, and Win Grants.
Relai - CupherHunter


Europe's Easiest Bitcoin App.
VOYAGER - CupherHunter


Trade more crypto assets, commission-free, across multiple exchanges.
Ronen Kirsh - CupherHunter

Ronen Kirsh

Strategic Partnerships at Forte.
Kevin Colleran - CupherHunter

Kevin Colleran

Managing Director at Slow Ventures.
Tara Fung - CupherHunter

Tara Fung

Co-Founder, CEO at Co:Create.
DAO Jones - CupherHunter

DAO Jones

Collective of DJs and degens.
Kevin Lin - CupherHunter

Kevin Lin

Co-Founder of Twitch.
Lin Dejean Yun - CupherHunter

Lin Dejean Yun

Investor & Managing Partner at RVP One.
Moke Lin - CupherHunter

Moke Lin

CEO of Candaq Fintech Group.
Kevin Xu - CupherHunter

Kevin Xu

Founding Partner at BlockVC.
Kevin Hu - CupherHunter

Kevin Hu

Investor at Dragonfly Capital.
Jocy Lin - CupherHunter

Jocy Lin

Founding Partner at IOSG Ventures.
Matt Hackett - CupherHunter

Matt Hackett

Investor & Advisor at Headway.
UnicornDAO - CupherHunter


supporting and showcasing female and LGBTQ+ artists.
Maya Bakhai - CupherHunter

Maya Bakhai

General Partner at Spice Capital.
Tectona - CupherHunter


Leading The Digital Value Revolution.
NOISE DAO - CupherHunter


DAO for sound.
The LAO - CupherHunter


A For-Profit, Limited Liability Autonomous Organization.
PleasrDAO - CupherHunter


Distribute the ownership of the DAO in the form of tokens.
Jimmy Chang - CupherHunter

Jimmy Chang

Experiments Lead at Aave.
Sriram Krishnan - CupherHunter

Sriram Krishnan

General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz.
Annika Lewis - CupherHunter

Annika Lewis

Web3, Data, Startups.
Mable Jiang - CupherHunter

Mable Jiang

Chief Revenue Officer at STEPN.
Omar Rahim - CupherHunter

Omar Rahim

Managing Partner at Matcha Capital.
KoinBasket - CupherHunter


Invest In Thematic Crypto Baskets Like Mutual Funds.
Crypto Maestro - CupherHunter

Crypto Maestro

CIO at TLDR Capital.
Adam Ghobarah - CupherHunter

Adam Ghobarah

Founder of Top Harvest Capital.
Ryan Carson - CupherHunter

Ryan Carson

Founder, Investor, Husband, Dad, Son & Brother.
Daniel Cheung - CupherHunter

Daniel Cheung

Co-Founder of Pangea Fund Management.
Ryan Watkins - CupherHunter

Ryan Watkins

Co-Founder of Pangea Fund Management.
InternDAO - CupherHunter


Have fun, share alpha, and build the decentralized future with friends.
Domain Money - CupherHunter

Domain Money

Get Serious About Investing.
Farooq Malik - CupherHunter

Farooq Malik

Co-Founder at Rain.
Charles Naut - CupherHunter

Charles Naut

Co-Founder at Rain.
Joe McCann - CupherHunter

Joe McCann

Founder of Asymmetric.
Soon - CupherHunter


Stress Less, Live More, with Fully-Automated Crypto Investing.
earnJarvis - CupherHunter


Premium crypto platform, automating asset & yield management.
Botin - CupherHunter


Investment super app for Latin America.
Tradezi - CupherHunter


Robinhood for Southeast Asia.
Winter - CupherHunter


Checkout widget to sell NFTs via credit card. - CupherHunter

Permissionless quadratic funding.
Devin Walsh - CupherHunter

Devin Walsh

Chief of Staff to the COO at Uniswap Labs.