Protocol Labs - CupherHunter

Protocol Labs

Improving Internet technology.
Blockchain Economics Studio - CupherHunter

Blockchain Economics Studio

Shape Future Economies with Blockchain Technology.
Cyber Manufacture Co. - CupherHunter

Cyber Manufacture Co.

Transcending culture.
Rand Labs - CupherHunter

Rand Labs

A Specialized Team on Algorand Technology.
Blockmountain - CupherHunter


Making the Solana ecosystem for developers, through open source development.
Dapper Labs - CupherHunter

Dapper Labs

Putting more than cats on the blockchain.
Fracture Labs - CupherHunter

Fracture Labs

Videogame company based in Estonia.
RenGen Labs - CupherHunter

RenGen Labs

Trusted Platform for Investing In Private Companies.
Animoca Brands - CupherHunter

Animoca Brands

Cross-platform app publisher of entertainment products for Android smartphones and tablets.
Irreverent Labs - CupherHunter

Irreverent Labs

Creating artificially intelligent hundred year entertainment experiences on blockchain.
Chainapsis - CupherHunter


Connect blockchains and humans.
Edge & Node - CupherHunter

Edge & Node

Initial team behind The Graph.
Prometeus Labs - CupherHunter

Prometeus Labs

Building Prometeus Network.
CHORUS - CupherHunter


Chorus One is building and operating validators on Proof-of-Stake networks.
Faraway - CupherHunter


Player-driven Universes.
Biconomy - CupherHunter


Enabling Digital Economies of the future.
Core Loop - CupherHunter

Core Loop

Building the next generation of MMOs.
Matter Labs - CupherHunter

Matter Labs

Building scalable blockchain on zero- knowledge proofs.
SCRT Labs - CupherHunter


Some Things are Better Left Unseen.
nyft studios - CupherHunter

nyft studios

The studio behind Nifty Island.
Virtual Human Studio - CupherHunter

Virtual Human Studio

Chainlink Labs - CupherHunter

Chainlink Labs

Creating a future powered by hybrid smart contracts.
Blockchain Creative Labs - CupherHunter

Blockchain Creative Labs

Enter the Maskverse and collect The Masked Singer NFT!
OnChain Studios - CupherHunter

OnChain Studios

Bringing true ownership to next-level interactive experiences.
Toniq Labs - CupherHunter

Toniq Labs

Building professional tools and services on the decentralized web.
Blockstream - CupherHunter


The global leader in Bitcoin and blockchain technology.
Focus Labs - CupherHunter

Focus Labs

Blockchain in Focus NYC.
atpar - CupherHunter


Building blocks for the next financial system.
Polynom - CupherHunter


Decentralized developer collaboration project.
Laguna Games - CupherHunter

Laguna Games

Kickass games, now built on blockchain.
NFT Genius - CupherHunter

NFT Genius

Building Empowerment Driven Experiences.
Privacy & Scaling Explorations - CupherHunter

Privacy & Scaling Explorations

One of several teams supported by the Ethereum foundation.
Akatsuki - CupherHunter


Entertain the world. Resonate with creators.
HashCloak - CupherHunter


Blockchain R&D lab focused on privacy at all the layers.
IPOR Labs - CupherHunter


The Heartbeat of DeFi.
MoonerLabs - CupherHunter


Creators of The Treeverse.
Mound - CupherHunter


Ultimate DeFi Platform.
Altitude Games - CupherHunter

Altitude Games

Mobile game development studio creating new worlds for mobile devices.
Playcheck Games - CupherHunter

Playcheck Games

Want our players to earn as we earn.
String Labs - CupherHunter

String Labs

Crypto studio, incubator and investor.
Obsidian Labs - CupherHunter

Obsidian Labs

Formerly Secrypto Labs.
RADAR - CupherHunter


Building products for our next financial system.
Sky Mavis - CupherHunter

Sky Mavis

Blockchain Technology Simplified.
Immutable - CupherHunter


Make Virtual Worlds Real.
XRPL Labs - CupherHunter


Building the Internet of Value using the XRP ledger.
Dunamu - CupherHunter


The company behind Upbit exchange.
Lucid Sight - CupherHunter

Lucid Sight

Blockchain dApp developer, MLB Collectibles.
RTFKT - CupherHunter


Using digital objects to re-define social commerce.