BTE - CupherHunter


Bringing Web3 to Life.
KaJ Labs - CupherHunter

KaJ Labs

Science, Technology & Engineering.
Chainlink Labs - CupherHunter

Chainlink Labs

Creating a future powered by hybrid smart contracts.
Edge & Node - CupherHunter

Edge & Node

Initial team behind The Graph.
Irreverent Labs - CupherHunter

Irreverent Labs

Creating artificially intelligent hundred year entertainment experiences on blockchain.
SONGCAMP - CupherHunter


Experiments at the edges of music + NFT.
Immutable - CupherHunter


Make Virtual Worlds Real.
Underscored Labs - CupherHunter

Underscored Labs

_dLabs, part of
RUNLOOP - CupherHunter


Build autonomous agents for DeFi.
Pocket Worlds - CupherHunter

Pocket Worlds

Build worlds.
Remi Labs - CupherHunter

Remi Labs

Everything a business needs to launch their own NFTs.
Decent Labs - CupherHunter

Decent Labs

Rebuilding Trust in Technology.
IPOR - CupherHunter


The Heartbeat of DeFi.
First Light Games - CupherHunter

First Light Games

Building the world’s best free to play, play to earn games powered by the blockchain.
Wemade Tree - CupherHunter

Wemade Tree

Blockchain game service.
Matter Labs - CupherHunter

Matter Labs

Building scalable blockchain on zero- knowledge proofs.
Nova Labs - CupherHunter

Nova Labs

Freedom to Connect.
B-Harvest - CupherHunter


Provide Validation Service for Cosmos Network.
OnChain Studios - CupherHunter

OnChain Studios

Bringing true ownership to next-level interactive experiences.
CR3 Labs - CupherHunter

CR3 Labs

Data transparency tools for Web3.
Biconomy - CupherHunter


Enabling Digital Economies of the future.
CHORUS - CupherHunter


Chorus One is building and operating validators on Proof-of-Stake networks.
Larva Labs - CupherHunter

Larva Labs

Making games, apps, and crypto-stuff.
Blockstream - CupherHunter


The global leader in Bitcoin and blockchain technology.
ACINQ - CupherHunter


One of the leading companies working on Bitcoin scalability.
dcSpark - CupherHunter


Crypto Ecosystem Builders.
Entropy Labs - CupherHunter

Entropy Labs

Revolutionizing Web3.0 by finding possibilities for innovation.
Entropy Labs - CupherHunter

Entropy Labs

Protect your digital assets and power the global economy.
Lindy Labs - CupherHunter

Lindy Labs

0 to 1 innovation.
Mysten Labs - CupherHunter

Mysten Labs

Creating Foundational Infrastructure For Web3.0.
equilibrium - CupherHunter


We build core infrastructure for the new distributed web.
Phi Labs - CupherHunter

Phi Labs

Blockchain tools and protocols that empower developers & creators.
Good Luck Games - CupherHunter

Good Luck Games

Maker of Storybook Brawl.
Jito Labs - CupherHunter

Jito Labs

Building Solana MEV Infrastructure.
Lava Labs - CupherHunter

Lava Labs

The Pixar of Games on Web3.
Third Time - CupherHunter

Third Time

From AAA to mobile to blockchain development.
Matters Lab - CupherHunter

Matters Lab

Powering the Future of Web3.
Prime Lab - CupherHunter

Prime Lab

Building an ecosystem of web3 experiences on NEAR.
TxnLab - CupherHunter


Focused on building Web3 applications on Algorand.
AVA Labs - CupherHunter

AVA Labs

Delivering on the promise of blockchain.
Ownership Labs - CupherHunter

Ownership Labs

Open Marketplace for Decentralized Data.
Studio 369 - CupherHunter

Studio 369

Focus on Unreal 5, Multiplayer games and SAAS experiences.
Bright Star Studios - CupherHunter

Bright Star Studios

Build next-generation social experiences!
Onchain - CupherHunter


Dedicate to BlockChain Tech Development.
Liebi - CupherHunter


Innovative team dedicated to developing application based on Blockchain.
Godel Labs - CupherHunter

Godel Labs

Blockchain venture studio building web3.
Tiny Rebel Games - CupherHunter

Tiny Rebel Games

Award-winning developer of richly designed games, AR, XR for mobile.
Oasis Labs - CupherHunter

Oasis Labs

Creating a privacy-first cloud computing platform on blockchain.