Batuhan Dasgin - CupherHunter

Batuhan Dasgin

Investor & JPEG collector.
Henry Liu - CupherHunter

Henry Liu

Managing Partner at YGC.
Devin Lewtan - CupherHunter

Devin Lewtan

Co-Founder of Mad Realities.
Fauve Altman - CupherHunter

Fauve Altman

Blockchain and Crypto Advisor.
Marco Cora - CupherHunter

Marco Cora

Head Of Business Development at Matter Labs.
Geoff Renaud - CupherHunter

Geoff Renaud

CMO, Co-Founder at Invisible North.
TN Lee - CupherHunter

TN Lee

CEO of Pendle.
Alexander Taub - CupherHunter

Alexander Taub

Co-Founder, CEO at Upstream.
Anoop Kansupada - CupherHunter

Anoop Kansupada

Business Development Lead at Nifty Gateway.
Joe Roth - CupherHunter

Joe Roth

Co-Founder of FungyProof.
Harry Jones - CupherHunter

Harry Jones

Co-Founder and CEO at Dank Bank.
Alastair Band - CupherHunter

Alastair Band

Head of Marketing and Communications at WWVentures.
Nick Vasilich - CupherHunter

Nick Vasilich

Digital marketer at Harmony Protocol.
SLOPE CRYPTO - CupherHunter


Work at the Intersection of Marketing and Design.
Jasmine Maietta - CupherHunter

Jasmine Maietta

Founder of round21.
Patrick Stanley - CupherHunter

Patrick Stanley

Head of growth at Stacks.
Edward Moncada - CupherHunter

Edward Moncada

Co-Founder at Protofund.
Darren Wong - CupherHunter

Darren Wong

HTR Group - CupherHunter

HTR Group

Incubator, Marketing, Advisory.
Light - CupherHunter


The Metaverse Explorer.
Jeff Kuan - CupherHunter

Jeff Kuan

Business Development at Terraform Labs.
Scott Fitsimones - CupherHunter

Scott Fitsimones

Startup founder in San Francisco.
Generation Crypto - CupherHunter

Generation Crypto

Take to engage the crypto generation.
Ryan Caruso - CupherHunter

Ryan Caruso

Community at NuCypher.
KOLnet - CupherHunter


Marketing Launchpad introducing Initial Marketing Offerings (IMOs).
Kiril Nikolov - CupherHunter

Kiril Nikolov

Defi Strategy at Nexo.
Nishant Sharma - CupherHunter

Nishant Sharma

Founder & Partner at BlocksBridge Consulting.
Rhiannon Payne - CupherHunter

Rhiannon Payne

Founder of Sea Foam Media.
Alex Napheys - CupherHunter

Alex Napheys

Founder of 0xCord.
Rhys Lindmark - CupherHunter

Rhys Lindmark

Founder of Roote.
Quera Huang - CupherHunter

Quera Huang

Founder of Damo Labs.
Ian Andrews - CupherHunter

Ian Andrews

CMO at Chainalaysis.
Justin Moskowitz - CupherHunter

Justin Moskowitz

Founder, CEO at VALTS.
Josh Fried - CupherHunter

Josh Fried

BD & Partnerships at Solana Labs.
Joe Ferrara - CupherHunter

Joe Ferrara

Business Development at Ava Labs.
Justin Sun - CupherHunter

Justin Sun

Founder of TRON and Peiwo.
Emma Shi - CupherHunter

Emma Shi

Business Development / OTC Trader.
dBoost - CupherHunter


Leading agency on Blockchain-related topics based in China.
Kathy Zhu - CupherHunter

Kathy Zhu

International Marketing at Binance.
Myra Wang - CupherHunter

Myra Wang

China community leader at Oasis Network.
Kevin Chiao - CupherHunter

Kevin Chiao

Head of Business Development for Google Play.
SandStorm - CupherHunter


Connect the world’s top brands with the best metaverse builders.
Maria Paula Fernandez - CupherHunter

Maria Paula Fernandez

External Relations at Golem Factory.
Momentum 6 - CupherHunter

Momentum 6

Redefining the Growth Standards in Crypto Space!
Tom White - CupherHunter

Tom White

Program Director at On Deck.
Jihad Esmail - CupherHunter

Jihad Esmail

Community at Syndicate Protocol.
Jonathan Gabler - CupherHunter

Jonathan Gabler

Director EMEA & APAC at BlockScience, Founder of Crypto Valley Society.
Prometeus Labs - CupherHunter

Prometeus Labs

Building Prometeus Network.