Lightshed Ventures - CupherHunter

Lightshed Ventures

Early stage, research driven, venture capital fund.


Software Is Eating the World.
Third Kind - CupherHunter

Third Kind

Actual contact with an alien is a Close Encounter of the Third Kind.
Flamingo Capital - CupherHunter

Flamingo Capital

Miami-based VC syndicate.
Tribe Capital - CupherHunter

Tribe Capital

Launched by a trio of former Social Capital partners.
Drive by DraftKings - CupherHunter

Drive by DraftKings

Invest in DRIVE.
Recharge Thematic Ventures - CupherHunter

Recharge Thematic Ventures

Futurists, cross-boundary problem solvers and cultural anthropologists.
Skyland Ventures - CupherHunter

Skyland Ventures

The Seed Maker.
All In Ventures - CupherHunter

All In Ventures

Operating, Investing, Growing.
Zeev Ventures - CupherHunter

Zeev Ventures

Early stage venture fund, managed by Oren Zeev.
Slow Ventures - CupherHunter

Slow Ventures

Never climb alone.
Workweek - CupherHunter


People follow people, not institutions.
Offline Ventures - CupherHunter

Offline Ventures

Ideas happen everywhere.
Unlock Venture Partners - CupherHunter

Unlock Venture Partners

By Entrepreneurs For Entrepreneurs.
Serena Ventures - CupherHunter

Serena Ventures

Invest in founders who are changing the world with their ideas and products.
Serena - CupherHunter


Your VC should work for you and not the way around.
GV - CupherHunter


The venture capital arm of Alphabet, Inc.
Jabre Capital Partners - CupherHunter

Jabre Capital Partners

Independent Wealth Management.
Kharis Capital - CupherHunter

Kharis Capital

Active Ownership.
AngelHub - CupherHunter


Invest in Tech Companies Scaling in Asia.
Gold House Ventures - CupherHunter

Gold House Ventures

Investing in the next generation of leading Asian and Pacific Islander founders.
Kane & Rao - CupherHunter

Kane & Rao

Building, advising, investing.
AlleyCorp - CupherHunter


Found and fund transformative companies in New York.
Volition Capital - CupherHunter

Volition Capital

Growth Equity Investor.
Sopris Capital - CupherHunter

Sopris Capital

Active early-stage investors in B2B technology companies.
Silver Lake - CupherHunter

Silver Lake

The global leader in technology investing.
Blindspot Ventures - CupherHunter

Blindspot Ventures

Building next generation infrastructure and platform technologies.
Slingshot Ventures - CupherHunter

Slingshot Ventures

Invest in the future of digital consumer life.
AET Fund - CupherHunter

AET Fund

Akatsuki Entertainment Technology Fund.
Bain Capital Ventures - CupherHunter

Bain Capital Ventures

Invests in seed to growth-stage startups.
Alpaca VC - CupherHunter

Alpaca VC

We’re on this journey together.
Red Beard Ventures - CupherHunter

Red Beard Ventures

Led by Drew Austin, Aaron Kern.
TCG - CupherHunter


Multi-stage investment firm dedicated to building consumer businesses.
Sterling.VC - CupherHunter


Early stage sports, media and real estate vc fund.
75 & Sunny - CupherHunter

75 & Sunny

LA-based early-stage venture fund & startup lab led by Spencer Rascoff and team.
StillMark - CupherHunter


Venture capital and investment strategy firm.
Trill Ventures - CupherHunter

Trill Ventures

Venture Capitalist specializing in Seed and Early Stage companies.
Audeo Ventures - CupherHunter

Audeo Ventures

New generation of venture capital.
Sierra Ventures - CupherHunter

Sierra Ventures

Focus on Next Generation Enterprise and Emerging Technologies.
4DX Ventures - CupherHunter

4DX Ventures

Pan-Africa Focused Venture Capital Firm.
PreAngel - CupherHunter


Investment fund focused on early-stage internet startups.
FreeS Fund - CupherHunter

FreeS Fund

Provides both early and growth stage investment to startups.
GGV Capital - CupherHunter

GGV Capital

We are the believers behind the believers.
id4 Ventures - CupherHunter

id4 Ventures

Early stage venture capital focusing on Europe.
Counterview Capital - CupherHunter

Counterview Capital

Focused on investments in seed-stage technology companies.
Goal Ventures - CupherHunter

Goal Ventures

Invest in games, esports and digital media ventures.
Agnitio Capital - CupherHunter

Agnitio Capital

Digital Media & Games focused Investment Bank.
Sound Ventures - CupherHunter

Sound Ventures

Founded by Ashton Kutcher and Guy Oseary.