Hedonova - CupherHunter


One fund for all alternative investments.
AlphaLab Capital - CupherHunter

AlphaLab Capital

We build technology to trade on blockchain.
Lightshed Ventures - CupherHunter

Lightshed Ventures

Early stage, research driven, venture capital fund.
ADAPT - CupherHunter


Build new generation of decentralized services.
A100x - CupherHunter


Invest in companies applying frontier technologies to the impact space.
Blockchain Founders Fund - CupherHunter

Blockchain Founders Fund

Capital, Venture Building, Consulting.
CoinFund - CupherHunter


Disruptive technology requires disruptive investors.
Dragonfly Capital Partners - CupherHunter

Dragonfly Capital Partners

Global from day one.


The best research and insights in crypto.
QCP Soteria - CupherHunter

QCP Soteria

Boutique & full-stack executable solution.
BTC12 Capital - CupherHunter

BTC12 Capital

An investment company that loves blockchain technology.
Geekcartel - CupherHunter


Buidl by Geeks, For the Geeks.


Software Is Eating the World.
Third Kind - CupherHunter

Third Kind

Actual contact with an alien is a Close Encounter of the Third Kind.
Blocktech Ventures - CupherHunter

Blocktech Ventures

Eearly stage venture capital firm focused primarily on frontier technology and blockchain.
Strangelove - CupherHunter


Previously Pylon Validation.
Flamingo Capital - CupherHunter

Flamingo Capital

Miami-based VC syndicate.
Xpand Capital - CupherHunter

Xpand Capital

Support innovative entrepreneurs in the blockchain economy.
GMI Capital - CupherHunter

GMI Capital

Exploring the Inevitable Future of Blockchain.
Tribe Capital - CupherHunter

Tribe Capital

Launched by a trio of former Social Capital partners.
Newman Capital - CupherHunter

Newman Capital

"The best gift you can give yourself is the gift of possibility".
Oasis Ecosystem Fund - CupherHunter

Oasis Ecosystem Fund

The $235 Million Oasis Ecosystem Fund.
Drive by DraftKings - CupherHunter

Drive by DraftKings

Invest in DRIVE.
Uniswap Labs Ventures - CupherHunter

Uniswap Labs Ventures

Venture Arm of Uniswap.
Archetype - CupherHunter


Accelerating the decentralized future.
Recharge Thematic Ventures - CupherHunter

Recharge Thematic Ventures

Futurists, cross-boundary problem solvers and cultural anthropologists.
Dekrypt Capital - CupherHunter

Dekrypt Capital

Enabling privacy-preserving technologies.
Skyland Ventures - CupherHunter

Skyland Ventures

The Seed Maker.
All In Ventures - CupherHunter

All In Ventures

Operating, Investing, Growing.
JKL Capital - CupherHunter

JKL Capital

Navigating Volatility with Certainty.
Aves Lair - CupherHunter

Aves Lair

From Ideation to Practicality.
Zeev Ventures - CupherHunter

Zeev Ventures

Early stage venture fund, managed by Oren Zeev.
Slow Ventures - CupherHunter

Slow Ventures

Never climb alone.
Everyrealm - CupherHunter


Leaders in metaverse and NFT innovation, investment, and development.
Workweek - CupherHunter


People follow people, not institutions.
Offline Ventures - CupherHunter

Offline Ventures

Ideas happen everywhere.
Spice Capital - CupherHunter

Spice Capital

Cultural arbitrage.
GEM Digital - CupherHunter

GEM Digital

Digital asset investment firm.
MetaCartel Ventures - CupherHunter

MetaCartel Ventures

Crypto will rise, and it will do so with full might.
Cowfund - CupherHunter


Founded by David Phelps.
Unlock Venture Partners - CupherHunter

Unlock Venture Partners

By Entrepreneurs For Entrepreneurs.
KeenCrypto - CupherHunter


A fund of top-tier funds.
Serena Ventures - CupherHunter

Serena Ventures

Invest in founders who are changing the world with their ideas and products.
Serena - CupherHunter


Your VC should work for you and not the way around.
GV - CupherHunter


The venture capital arm of Alphabet, Inc.
SparkleVentures - CupherHunter


Web3 focused VC.
DecentraNet - CupherHunter


Bring blockchain projects to life.
Algo Foundry - CupherHunter

Algo Foundry

Algorand Foundation's Venture Studio.