Amwal, 100% loans and project financing.


100% loans and project financing.

Amwal Introduction

Amwal International Investment is a Kuwaiti closed shareholding company. Amwal International was incorporated in 2005 by a group of experienced investors and the company is licensed by the Central Bank of Kuwait and it is engaged in short-term and long term investments in various industries in the Middle East, America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Amwal International Investment provides consultancy services to its customers as well. Amwal International was closed on the 12th of September 2021 and was reopened in October 2021 with a new interest rate per annum on all loans and project financing. - Dealing as Principle, as Agent and Underwriting - Managing Investment Funds and Client Portfolios - Arranging - Advising - Providing Custody in Securities Business Amwal International offers a wide-range of investment services that includes asset management, wealth management, project financing, JV as well as corporate finance and advisory. Amwal International Investment ‘industries-of-interest’ change with shifts in market dynamics, as the Firm strives to remain relevant and current in its business focus and investment offering. Below are current industries of interest to Amwal International Investment, based on prevailing market gaps, future prospects and investor preferences. Renewable Energy, Hotel & Resorts, Technology, Health & Wellness, Logistics, Real Estate, Oil & Gas, Food and Beverages, Engineering, Automative and Cryptocurrecies.