Avex ID

Avex ID provides a reusable digital identity solution for easy verification and onboarding. We're building the future of finance, together. Avex is home to a suite of products with the aim to make decentralised finance and identity accessible to 5 billion internet users. Avex DeFi Ecosystem is on a mission to revolutionize finance by empowering users through innovative, user-friendly DeFi products. Our flagship offering, Defy, is a powerful Crypto SuperApp that simplifies access to a diverse range of DeFi products in one place. Invest, swap tokens, and explore the possibilities of Decentralized Finance with ease. We believe that true financial freedom hinges on ownership and control. That's why we created Avex ID, a revolutionary Decentralized Identifier (DID) built on OpenID and SSI concepts. Avex ID empowers you to manage your digital identity securely and control your data.