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BCNBCN, The Barcelona Blockchain Network, help companies to blockchain their business, develop their own web 3.0 projects and invest in promising teams. Crypto is not about trading Dodge coins or buying an overpriced NFT. Crypto is one element of the next generation of the Internet 3.0 which aims to be a decentralized version of the virtual world. In this new world, users can interact and collaborate intelligently without worrying about the central, data-specific repositories in a peer-to-peer internet with no single authority. Web 3.0 is more like a system for the users, ideated by the users, in the form of creator-driven platforms. And to make this Web 3.0 more inclusive and less biased, blockchain technology is the resource to focus on. BCNBCN is on a mission to take part in this next internet revolution and shape it with its own projects and investment in promising teams to co-create the future of the web 3.0. by applying blockchain technologies and leveraging cryptocurrencies.

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