Blockchain at UCSB

Blockchain at UCSB

UCSB's interdisciplinary blockchain club.

Blockchain at UCSB Introduction

Blockchain at UCSB, UCSB's interdisciplinary blockchain club and ecosystem of students, community members, and faculty members. Blockchain at UCSB (BCUCSB) is a community of students, entrepreneurs, and academics at UC Santa Barbara who have come together to educate and bring awareness about compelling blockchain technology and its applications. We host workshops, speaker events, innovation competitions, and socials to bring blockchain awareness to our local community. Our ecosystem is comprised of a variety of backgrounds: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Environmental Studies, Economics, Business, and more. Mission Statement: To provide a robust blockchain ecosystem for UC Santa Barbara students and community members that facilitates education, discussion, and networking. Vision Statement: Our vision is to expand blockchain awareness among diverse interdisciplinary fields of study to encourage more people to become involved in important blockchain projects.

Blockchain at UCSB Team

Nikita Buzov
Maya Zaynetdinova