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Brian Beccafico is NFT Specialist at Sotheby's, Art & Blockchain OG. Fascinated by Art and Technology, I want to transform my passions into a vocation through a unique vision. Technology has already impacted Art in the way we create it, experience it and consume it. It will in the near future impose itself as a new medium of practices in both the art world and market. I am looking forward on the solutions that new digital technologies, notably Blockchain, would bring to the problems faced by art professionals and enthusiasts. Numerous problems that if remain unsolved will restrain the growth of the cultural ecosystem. I believe that bringing more trust and transparency at a global scale, through technology, is key to understand and attract a new generation of collector, who are essential to sustain the art ecosystem of professionals in the 21th century. Let’s face it, the collectors base has been, during the past decades, slowly dying out, only temporarily save by the newly acces to wealth of the non-occidental world. We have to act upon it before it’s too late. Technology as a medium of art, has been already adopted by an entire generation of emergent artists. New Media Arts, Glitch Art, Générative Art, VR Art, AR Art, AI Art, Projection Art, Digital Art, Crypto Art, NFT, and their histories are fascinating. They resonate with our contemporary reality and the interest of new collectors in a way that no other form of art does. Art is victim of various misconceptions, by the one who tried to apprehend it, many in their attempts to comprehend it, tend to believe that it’s an investment, a flipping asset, a tax evasion tool, those do not understand that behind every art collection there is love and passion, sometime an obsession for creators and their creations, artists and their arts. Looking to go forth with my entrepreneurial ambition, I aim to associate myself with art professionals and enthusiasts who share the same vision.

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