Helping Creators & Communities Build Open Economies on Web3.

Coinvise Introduction

The idea of Coinvise began with bridging social and work together, where creators can not only create their own cryptocurrency on Ethereum, but also build entire economies around them. This opens up opportunities for people to earn directly from creators for contributing value to them and for creators to monetize their work without giving away ownership to centralized platforms. Today, Coinvise enables creators or communities to mint social tokens and build incentives around them on Ethereum and Polygon (Matic) Network. We’ve built tools that make it easy for creators to utilize their token for rewards, airdrops, crowdfunding, gated access and NFTs. We're building an open, creator first platform enabling not just seamless interaction but also discoverability for creators to grow their community. Additionally, Coinvise takes no cuts from creator revenue and enables them to integrate our tools on Discord and extend it through Developer APIs.

Coinvise Team

Jenil Thakker