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Dair Capital is a global asset management and advisory firm founded by Darren Dineen. The Dair team seeks to generate alpha from the behaviour of market volatility. Dair strives to produce excess returns from quantitative volatility trading, long / short derivatives trading and value investing while remaining non-correlated to traditional long-only digital asset strategies, and serve as a way for sophisticated investors to diversify their portfolio. The 5SP™ has since been put to the test through one of the most volatile regimes in history. Dair allows investors to gain exposure to the industry's renowned asymmetric returns without losing sleep over the underlying volatility profile through its dynamic proprietary systematic and discretionary strategies. Our strategies are designed to be used as an overlay on risk or as a standalone absolute return product. By incorporating convexity and tactically allocating between cash and exchange-traded derivatives, we seek to provide both downside protection with tactical upside participation, minimizing the drag typically experienced by long option vehicles.

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