DeFi.Money is a Stablecoin & Global Liquidity Layer for a New Age, USD-based (CDP) stablecoin that seamlessly travels with you across the EVM. $MONEY unifies liquidity across the entire EVM by being natively interoperable, dissolving silos between chains, and giving users the freedom to borrow outside of a single ecosystem. Purpose-built to seamlessly access capital anywhere. $MONEY leverages Curve’s innovative liquidation mechanism LLAMMA (Lending-Liquidating AMM Algorithm) to offer a range of benefits over current CDP protocols; including, higher LTV and soft liquidation - providing a borrower-friendly, less volatile alternative to forceful liquidation processes previously implemented by stablecoin protocols. End Result = A safer, scalable, and more capital-efficient stablecoin that transcends individual chains...ushering in a new era of value exchange in the digital global economy.