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Dimension X is building a new platform to democratize immersive experience creation for virtual and real worlds using AR, VR, MR and other advanced visualization technologies. We are both a services company and a product company at the crossroads of Web 3.0 (Metaverse, Blockchain, AI) and immersive technology. Beyond a 3D reality, the 10th dimension is an infinite one, where space has no beginning or end and where everything is possible. We are developers building immersive experiences using leading-edge software & hardware to educate, innovate, and entertain. We are also building a platform of tools enabling simple, drag-and-drop immersion building. This will be a rich platform enabling storytellers to build faster immersive experiences that are non-linear and extensible. Build once and deploy across all device types with speed. We have spent our professional lives creating software that transports users to distant worlds. We are deep domain experts in XR (AR/VR/MR) simulation, and advanced visualization. Our platform will be used to democratize immersive experiences that educate, train, entertain, and make people’s lives better.

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