Allow traditional assets to migrate to high-growth crypto-asset.


Duet Introduction

Duet protocol is a synthetic asset protocol that allows traditional assets to migrate to high-growth crypto-assets. It's also a liquidity aggregation protocol for core assets across capital markets. A duet in music refers to a piece of music where two people play different parts or melodies. Similarly, Duet protocol allows traders to replicate the returns and the fluctuation of real-world tradable assets in a decentralised finance ecosystem. Traditional assets are “Flat Assets”, with strong liquidity but low interoperability. However, the “core assets” of web3.0 will need transparency and programmability, or virtual assets such as NFTs; we call these “Sharp Assets”. Some of them have already been digitized, such as Security Tokens, but digitizing alone is not enough to make them sharp. The next stage of DeFi is to link “Flat Assets” and “Sharp Assets” to mint stable “Neutral Assets”, such as DuetUSD, DuetEUR, or directly mint “Sharp” synthetic assets. Powered by Duet DAO, the Duet protocol relies on community governance to set parameters such as adding new collaterals and elect committees (such as risk control, tech), to jointly vote on proposals.

Duet Portfolio