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Edenhorde is an NFT project from Merit Circle, a vertically integrated gaming DAO. It is a part of Merit Circle rather than a subsidiary. A maximum of 8,800 Edenhorde NFTs will exist, not including various future collections and additional (spin-off) NFTs. As a concept, Edenhorde is an exercise towards collective world-building and IP (intellectual property) in Web3. Highly successful analogous examples of this in legacy media are long-running story-driven multimedia franchises (e.g The Lord of the Rings or Pokémon). Web3 brings with it new challenges, opportunities and approaches to this exercise, most notably: part-ownership through NFTs. This allows for the success of the project to directly benefit owners of Edenhorde NFTs as well as allowing this ownership to be sold or traded. Edenhorde NFT holders also benefit from brand exposure, as while owner, they can use the rights to the image associated with their NFT commercially, examples of this might include building a personal brand using the image or selling merchandise.

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