ELFi Protocol

The ELFi protocol has isolated & cross-margin models, USDT/USDC zero-risk and high-yield, and super portfolio heavy positions in LSD, opening a new era of DEX with the highest asset efficiency and powerful trading capabilities. As the decentralized world continues to attract a burgeoning user base, the proliferation of Dap signifies a shift towards autonomy in trading. However, we at ELFi recognize that the current landscape of products has yet to fully cater to the diverse needs of Web3 enthusiasts. Whether it's trading with ETH, BTC, or even MEME token as valuable assets of the Web3, why not embrace them? For instance, if you prefer to solely provide liquidity with ETH without the need to engage in dual-token or merge into an LP token, ELFi is designed with you in mind. Let's rock this together!