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ELICONN is a consulting company in blockchain applications. It uses the DAGX technology developed by the team. Compared with the general blockchain technology, it has higher concurrency, fast payment, wide application and advantages of the BaaS layer. Different from other projects, ELICONN has mature application scenarios, such as land factoring in China with HDHT, Foxconn supply chain financial AC and Eli-Pay (Smart payment). For investment, ELICONN will establish a trust fund through the issuance of STO, called ELICONN Trust Fund, which will simultaneously apply DAGX to financial management. Providing investment opportunities. ELICONN is confident that the IRR will be 6-8% after analysis by the financial experts from a team. If the user holds the ETF, it will be equal to stable compensation fund of ELICONN, enjoying year-end dividends and other potential token use rights.

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