DeFi Flash Loans Made Easy.

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Equalizer Introduction

Equalizer is the first dedicated platform that equalizes the decentralized markets. DeFi Flash Loans Made Easy.

Our business model is based on a single core service: providing a secure and reliable platform for flash loans. By offering a tailor-made service needed to create a strong foundation, we aspire to become a solid building block of the Decentralized Finance market.

Equalizer will become the foundational component of DeFi that equalizes and stabilizes the decentralized markets, making DeFi more resilient. Equalizer will become a tool at the base of DeFi that can be used and integrated with other products and services in the DeFi industry.

Our vision at Equalizer is that decentralized finance is ushering in a new era of innovation and business opportunities, from which everybody can profit. We will become a core ecosystem player through our dedicated flash lending platform, generating value for all stakeholders.

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