Erick Calderon

Erick Calderon

Also known as Snowfro.


Erick Calderon Introduction

Erick Calderon, also known as Snowfro, is a Houston-based artist making a case for legendary status within the NFT and generative art world. He likes to work across both physical and digital media, including LED art, ceramics, 3D blocks and digital art. He is best known for creating the Chromie Squiggle generative art NFT project, and two of his squiggles recently sold for a combined cost of $4 million. Erick is also the founder and CEO of Art Blocks, the world’s first platform dedicated to decentralized generative art. The platform allows collectors to mint tokens without knowing exactly what it looks like until it’s minted. Collector, VerticalCrypto Art says, “Snowfro is a mastermind of our time, an inspiration for the whole artistic movement and a true leader in the realm of generative art and the NFT ecosystem.”

Erick Calderon Work Experience

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