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Gatenox is changing KYC onboarding into seamless and user controlled process. Fast. Secure. Privacy protected. Current KYC/AML process is broken, costly and ineffective. We change it for Good with our Gatenox mobile identity wallet. Gatenox offers ZERO COST and INSTANT KYC onboarding process to every regulated sector that needs KYC. With Gatenox all your data is securely stored on your mobile device. Customers have control over how they store and share personal data with businesses. For business we offer frictionless customer onboarding delivering pre-checked and KYC verified data. The data is exchanged directly between the user and the business without any third parties involved. Almost every industry needs Know Your Client Solution. Our go to market strategy initially focuses on the crypto sector. There are 24 000 regulated crypto companies such as crypto exchanges, DEFI, NFTs. These are the markets well known to us from previous endeavours where there is increasing pressure from the regulators. We have already conducted numerous conversations and we see huge interest in the product. Gatenox is applicable to other industries like finance, insurance, medical and other regulated markets. For example in banking the total addressable market is worth over 200 billions USD. Founders share over 20 years of combined experience in mobile technology, financial sector and security and 15 years in KYC/AML including crypto compliance. Engaged with the latest regulatory developments in Europe and globally with FATF.​

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