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Growcoms Private Limited was born from the glaring need to consolidate the value chain in the agri-commodity industry, providing transparency and traceability to the customers, thus being an end to end value chain manager. The need to provide flexibility to the buyer for choosing the correct partner in the value chain, is the main thought behind Growcoms. We at Growcoms Private Limited are committed to making it easier for our clients to choose supplier at any level of the value chain, be at the farm level or for third party manufacturing or for shipments. The world has changed, the way people do business has changed. Today businesses are looking back at what they could have done better to mitigate the challenges that they now have to battle given the never ceasing uncertainties. We at Growcoms are cognizant of the new order. We strive to bridge the gap to smoothen the crease before it becomes a dent which cannot be fixed. Our job is to provide a more transparent trade ecosystem in the agri universe. An ecosystem which encourages conversation between the various stakeholders, an ecosystem where in transparency is the very essence of business and not just another added feature, an ecosystem which derives value out of the ignored, a platform to derive the best possible returns to the most deserved and many more. Most importantly, our dream is to make India not just another origin given its rich agri resource base, but to make it the most preferred origin of choice through impeccable service and reliability.

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