HashPort, Innovate Japan with Blockchain.


Innovate Japan with Blockchain.


HashPort Introduction

HashPort is developing its business as a solution provider that supports the social application of blockchain with the mission of “digitizing all assets”. We provide new cryptocurrency listing-related services and consulting services to many companies in Japan, including cryptocurrency exchange companies. We also provide accelerator programs to support the success of leading overseas blockchain projects in Japan and have succeeded in deploying many projects in Japan. In the token architect business, we provide system audits on the reliability of blockchain products and crypto-assets, consulting on newly handled crypto-assets, as well as construction and provision of token economy from designing to implementation. In particular, we have one of the best track records in Japan for auditing new crypto assets, which are subject to strict standards set by the Japan Finance Agency. We provide a cryptocurrency wallet management system for cryptocurrency exchange companies with the highest security level in Japan. In the private key management of cryptocurrencies, we will realize security and availability by utilizing our knowledge based on long operational experience. HashPalette Inc., as our subsidiary, was established in March 2020, focused on NFT business, providing a platform for issuing, managing, and distributing NFT, to operate the consortium blockchain PALETTE, Japan’s first IEO token PLT and the NFT marketplace PALETTE MARKET.