Henez Finance

Henez Finance is a cutting-edge decentralized protocol designed to be the first Omnichain Layer to unlock the liquidity of trillions of idle assets on both EVM & non-EVM chains. Powered by Wormhole, Henez Finance revolutionizes the CDP model, allowing you to deposit collateral on one chain and draw interest-free loans on another. This removes the cross-chain bridge hack risks and allows a seamless experience for DeFi users. And use Pyth Network to inherent cross-chain functionality. zUSD an Omnichain Yield-Bearing Stablecoin pegged to US Dollars. This is achieved through Henez's innovative structure which allows users to mint zUSD by depositing a wide range of assets as collateral, including native assets, LSTs/LRTs, and BRC-20 assets; and maintaining a collateral ratio of 110%.