HQLAᵡ is an innovative financial technology firm that leverages Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to bring game-changing efficiencies to the securities finance and repo industry. Our core clients are banks and asset managers active in the global securities finance and repo markets, and our unique platform enables market participants to execute frictionless, precise and real-time transfer of ownership of securities. Our proprietary platform is unique in coupling the benefits of DLT with existing triparty and custody infrastructure, making it easy for clients to improve their collateral mobility and avoid costly intraday liquidity. It has been developed in partnership with major Tier 1 banks, Deutsche Börse and R3 Corda. We have been operating successfully for 7 years in a highly regulated market and we have 12+ Tier 1 strategic partners across the industry. This allows HQLAᵡ to maximise the network effect that will drive widespread adoption of the platform globally. The HQLAᵡ platform is also synchronized to adhere to all legal and regulatory requirements and meets the highest privacy demands.