IBX is an Orderbook Dex powered by Orderly Network, where traders can operate across various chains with deep liquidity and the lowest fees. Our goal is to provide our users with a unique and unparalleled experience by creating an easy and efficient platform. IBX is a Decentralized Trading Platform, offering a wide variety of pairs with leverage up to 20X. Our platform is designed with the following features to ensure an unbeatable trading experience: - Deep Liquidity & Tighter Spreads for unbeatable efficiency, ensuring traders can execute their strategies at competitive prices. - Lightning Speed with instant order matching, allowing for quick entry and exit from positions. - Gasless Transactions for cost-effective trading, removing the burden of high transaction fees. - Sleek UI/UX that makes trading a breeze, enhancing the overall trading experience with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Our commitment to ensuring high liquidity, minimal fees, and a broad range of trading pairs solidifies the IBX OrderBook as a fundamental platform for traders seeking to maximize the benefits of DeFi.