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Inter Protocol is a programmable stable token for Cosmos, the stable token for Cosmos IBC. Backed by $ATOM. Built on Agoric. Inter Protocol is a community-organized, decentralized application launching on the Agoric chain that implements the Inter Stable Token (IST). As an overcollateralized, cryptocurrency-backed decentralized stable token, IST is designed to maintain parity with the US dollar (USD) for broad accessibility. Users are able to mint IST by creating a Vault, using the Parity Stability Module (PSM), or engaging with BLD Boost. Furthermore, holders of Agoric BLD (‘the BLDer DAO’) have sovereign governance over the Inter Protocol. The BLDer DAO will elect a technical economic committee to manage the Inter Protocol and propose changes (for example, which IBC-enabled cryptocurrency should be used as collateral to support IST minting, such as ATOM, OSMO, SCRT).

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